Eternights Will Eventually Come to Xbox and Nintendo Switch

It seems like that Eternights, revealed at State of Play will eventually arrive for Xbox platforms as well as Nintendo Switch.

Among the various reveals at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s State of Play, Dating Action game Eternights was a cool little surprise. However, the game has been announced for PS5, PS4 and PC so far. But will the game also arrive on Xbox and Nintendo Switch? It seems like it will, eventually.

The information for Eternights’ Xbox and Nintendo Switch release comes from a Twitter user who apparently confirmed by direct messaging the developer, Sai Games on Twitter:

So if you are an Xbox or a Nintendo Switch user, and were hoping to play the game, you will eventually be able to play Eternights on the platform of your choice. How long the wait will be? Well, it could atleast take 6 months after its release as most exclusivity periods last for this period. But we can’t be sure for now. For now, the game has been slated for on PlayStation and PC in early 2023. So it could still be a long wait.

Since Eternights is both an Action and Dating game, you will be doing both things in it. You will be tasked to fight something or someone that is infecting humans and turning them into monsters. While you are fighting your way through to fix the infection issue, you will also be spending time with other characters to improve your relationship with them.

“In an apocalyptic world full of monsters, find a warmth you didn’t think possible”, reads the description on the official website. You will also have to choose between improving your relationships and fighting the monsters as time will force you to choose. The character you choose to grow your relationship with will shape your character’s growth so you will have to choose depending on your needs. The game has plenty of Persona Vibes so fans of the franchise might be interested in this game as well.

If you want to know more about the game, you should definitely check out the official website for the game.

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