Recent Scientific Study Examines Lifestyle Effects Of Esports On Youth

A brand new study has brought up that there are a variety of different health risks that can come in conjunction with being part of the Esports community, not just in terms of physical issues, but mental ones as well, according to the study itself, done by the University of Queensland in Australia.

Esports are one of the fastest-rising new genres of sports in the world at the moment, as games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, League of Legends, Valorant, and more are used in tournaments viewed by millions, with a huge number of cash prizes. This, of course, has led to the increasing rise in popularity of competitive gaming.

According to the study, situations like this have resulted in a number of different physical issues around interested Gamers, including neck and wrist pain, eye strain, a loss of physical activity, consumption of less healthy food and drink, and a decrease in proper sleep.

Obviously, things like this are a common criticism of video games, and lean into the gaming stereotype of fat, pimply shut-ins. However, the studies do have a point in that gaming too much without engaging in proper exercise, healthy eating choices, and proper sleep can have negative health benefits, especially in regards to the health risks of Esports. Multiple people in the past have died from not taking care of themselves while gaming, causing some governments to step in.

Considering that Doritos chips and Mountain Dew soft drinks are constant sponsors of video gaming events, the study recommends that the health risks of esports could also be mitigated by having the events also promote healthier habits like exercise, sleep, and a proper diet.

Of course, time will tell if something like this actually alters how esports events promote ways to mitigate their health risks, but in the meantime all that gamers themselves can do is be mindful of their health and how things like this can affect them.

Hunter is a long time fan of strategy, RPG, and tabletop games. When he is not playing games, he likes to write about them.