ESO: Summerset Skyshards Locations Guide

Every Summerset Skyshard location in Elder Scrolls: Online (ESO).

The Summerset update is here. It has a lot of new stuff added into the game and one of them is the new number of Skyshards that have been added into the game. Looking where to find all of the Skyshards? Well, look no further than our ESO: Summerset Skyshards Locations Guide.

Our Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Skyshards Locations Guide will tell you all about the locations of the Skyshards that can be found in Summerset in The Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO: Summerset Skyshards

There are a total of 16 different Skyshards that can be found in the Summerset chapter. They are spread about all over the area.

We will go through all of them one by one and mention the name, the coordinates, and the general locations of all of them. Let us go ahead and take a look at where you can find all of the Skyshards in ESO: Summerset!<em/>ESO: Summerset Relics Locations Guide” width=”620″ height=”349″ srcset=” 620w,×338.jpg 600w”>Apart from Skyshards, the Summerset chapter has also added <em><a href=Relics and Treasure Maps. You can check out our individual guides by heading over to the links.

  1. Overlooking the Oleander Coast Winery can be found by the entrance to Alinor. It is the building with blue rooftop tiles. The Skyshard is behind the building.
  2. Among a nest of stone eggs east of Cey-Tarn Keep can be found 36.60, 55.31
  3. On a tiny peninsula beneath the Cathedral of Webs can be found west to the Cathedral of Webs. Coordinates are 17.79, 29.49
  4. Along the beach north of Karnwasten can be found north of the Karnwasten Public Dungeon. Coordinates are 29.41, 19.61
  5. At a camp across a narrow plank walkway can be found north of the Gryphon Run boss. Coordinates are 49.23, 17.27
  6. In the mouth of the falls overlooking Shimmerene can be found in eastern Summerset. It is visible on the map northwest from the Shimmerene.
  7. At the ruins of the Keep of the Eleven Forces is found at 55.27, 52.75
  8. Along the sun’s path toward dusk can be found east of the Dusk Keep that is a POI. Coordinates are 70.35, 77.18
  9. South of Russafeld can be found southeast of the Russafeld Heights Wayshrine. Coordinates are 46.96, 49.79
  10. Under Sea Keep’s towering fortifications can be found in Sea Keep. Coordinates are 23.24, 42.10
  11. Among the shanties in Karnwasten’s Cove can be found in the center of the Karnwasten Public Dungeon. Coordinates are 29.74, 21.18
  12. High above the heart of Sunhold can be found in between the two circles in the Sunhold Public Dungeon. Coordinates are 45.14, 70.83
  13. Stuffed in a barrel by goblins in King Haven’s Pass can be found in the northern part of Summerset. You can access it from either west of the Cloudrest trail, north of Alinor Docks, or east of Lillandril town.
  14. Overlooking a sun-kissed path in Eton Nir Grotto can be found in the Eton Nir Grotto Delve towards the western part. Coordinates are 48.77, 27.67
  15. At the mouth of the falls in Archon’s Grove can be found in the water towards the south of Archon’s Grove Delve. Coordinates are 49.52, 54.52
  16. The caverns of Tor-Hame-Khard can be found in the large room towards the south of Tor-Hame-Khard Delve. Coordinates are 26.55, 52.18
  17. Near an angler’s favorite fishing spot in Wasten Coraldale can be found on the shore in the small island near Western Coraldale Delve. Coordinates are 26.53, 52.11
  18. Looming over the center of Traitor’s Vault can be found, well, looming over the center of Traitor’s Vault. Coordinates are 39.75, 44.75

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