How to Escape the Maw in The Medium

The Medium introduces you to a rather inconvenient and deadly obstacle in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to escape the Maw in The Medium and we’ll outline a few fundamental and important steps you need to take in order to ensure your survival.

Escape the Maw in The Medium

The gory and vile Maw is first encountered while you’re solving a puzzle in Thomas Reckowicz’s office in Niwa Resort. The game leads you down an adrenaline rushing chase sequence.

From that point on, you’ll encounter the horrid beast at various points in the game. Often times, you can get away by using Marianne’s spirit blast; however, that’s entirely a game of chance.

Tips on Evading the Maw

The game guides you for a few things regarding The Maw itself.

It is completely blind in the material world, which means that you should be fine as long as you are crouching and holding your breath. The slightest disturbance will make your position known to her.

The spirit world makes it a lot trickier however and you’ll have to simply outwit the spiritual being since it’s able to see you completely.

Should you happen to be co-existing in both the spirit world and the material world, The Maw will still be able to spot you, and this leads to a chase sequence yet again.

Sensing the Maw

A good way to tell if The Maw is near you is by looking at Marianne’s flashlight.

As The Maw gets closer to you, your flashlight will begin to blink faster and faster. Once you notice this happen, you can manage your movement accordingly.

Remember to move slowly when The Maw is close and to hold your breath when necessary. Even the slightest haste can lead to a game over.

Plan your movement!

There’s no penalty whatsoever if you simply idle around the room and take your time to map out The Maw’s movement.

Have a little go at it from your safe-spot and see where The Maw is and where it frequents.

Once you have the specifics down, you can simply avoid the entire thing itself and make your way towards the exit

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