Escape From Tarkov Trading Tips

Want to become rich in Escape From Tarkov? We have some trading tips that can help you earn money fast.

The Flea Market is used for making money and for those who are experienced with Escape for Tarkov know the value. But for those that don’t, we have prepared some handy Escape From Tarkov Trading Tips to help you become rich in no time.

Escape From Tarkov Trading Tips

Since the items sold in the market are really rare and play an important role in the game, we have given few Advanced Market Tips. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Refreshing the Market
For all you beginners who are struggling to trade in Tarkov, here’s the number one tip for you. Check the two arrows (in a circular shape) at the upper right corner of the Flea Market, simply click on it and the expiration timer will be refreshed.

This way you’ll get to see new items and as for the sold items, they’re removed.

The Refresh button is a very important advanced tip as it helps you in rapid item selling and can be the source of catching new deals.

Utilizing W-List
Just like the refresh button, there’s a W-list tab on the upper left corner. Once you’ve right-clicked an item, it will automatically be added in your W-list tab and will be shown in the Flea Market.


It’s mostly used as a favorite button for the items sold as well as the items you bought.

Durability Scamming
Let’s face it, scamming is a really common thing in online games. This applies to Escape from Tarkov as well, where you’re sold items that lack durability. Scamming involves anything ranging from armor to food; therefore, be careful what you buy!

In order to filter out the durability of the item being sold, simply click the cogwheel on the upper left side and you’ll see the durability of the item for both minimum and maximum.

Market Controlling
Before selling any item, make sure that you properly calculate the lowest amount of any item. This way you’ll have the knowledge of how low an item can be bought and eventually the buyers will be moved towards your listing.

Selling more items can control the price of an item which keeps the price of the item from going through the roof. This method supports a market’s average and performs more efficiently with more money.

Just keep an eye on other sellers you frequently sell items at once as pricing above their price only prevents customers from reaching your item.

Trade a Decent Product
First thing you want to do in the Escape From Tarkov Flea Market is examine the item by refreshing a few items and see the price change.

It’s a good way to find an item that has more listings and a massive contrast between the minimum and the average price. Moving forward you should buy an item just to see what the price is that you want to sell.

Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee and you can get screwed.

Use Containers
If you’ve started Escape from Tarkov then you’ve had limited stash space and using containers can really help you arrange your stash for additional space.

Understand the Market Filters
Filters, as mentioned before, play a very important role in the Market in the following ways. The available filters for trading in Tarkov are:

  • Only certain currencies
  • Minimum and maximum prices
  • Minimum and maximum quantities
  • Minimum and maximum condition/durability
  • Removing bartering offers (good for quick flips based on money)
  • Display listings only from Dealers/Traders
  • Showing items about to expire.

Never make Dealers your Rivals
Dealer items are shown on the market as the items that decide the price rates which are impossible to beat.

Don’t Trade at the Same Time
In most cases people won’t trade the same item that you do, which eventually profits at higher or lower competition.

In short, the higher the number of players, the more the market supplies, as many people want their money as fast as possible and will undercut if necessary.

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