Escape From Tarkov Patch Is Out, 2 New Quests For Prapor

Escape From Tarkov has received some important updates in the form of Patch This update is available on PC. You will see that Escape From Tarkov Patch added two new quests for Prapor, and the developers addressed some important bugs that needed fixing. Take note that they also made various improvements, optimizations, and freeze fixes in the game. Below you will find the complete list of all Escape From Tarkov Patch patch notes.

  • Added 2 new quests for Prapor (available after lvl 10, right after “BP depot” quest).
  • Fixed: Double damage by a gunshot wound in the thorax.
  • Fixed: The outdoor sound was played indoors after reconnect.
  • Fixed: Killa didn’t shoot back for different reasons.
  • Fixed: Weapon icon won’t get blocked in the window “Add offer”, after adding a weapon mod without FiR status.
  • Various improvements, optimizations and freeze fixes.
  • Technical fixes thanks to Escape From Tarkov

Recently, the developers released another important update for this game. You will see that Escape From Tarkov Patch has quite a few important bug fixes, fixes related to binaural audio, more translations, and some additions. Something else that stands out is that they added prioritization of items for crafting and building in the hideout.

In other news, Battlestate Games has announced a new record for active players playing in its survival shooter Escape from Tarkov. They have surpassed the figure of 200,000 simultaneous users despite the fact that the game is in the closed beta phase. The developers also announced that they banned more than 5000 cheaters recently and they also added packet encryption.

I remind you that Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov was released as a closed alpha title on Aug 4, 2016 and as a closed beta in Jul 2017.

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