Escape From Tarkov Best Settings

This guide will help you get the best experience from Escape from Tarkov by suggesting some changes to visual settings you can tweak

Escape from Tarkov is a tactical shooter that puts every sense, and wit of the player to work. For that, you need the best game performance and that is where our Escape From Tarkov Best settings guide comes in.

In dense and realistic environments, your only ally is how keenly you position yourself against the enemy; and how well you hold off that position.

Before you set foot into the intense battlefield of the game, it is recommended that you tweak the game’s settings in your favor first. This guide will detail everything you need to tweak in Escape from Tarkov in order to keep yourself up to par with everyone else.

Escape From Tarkov Best Settings

Most of these tweaks are based off of personal preferences of various other players, so that you may use them for yourself and better your experience accordingly.

Adjust your FoV
It’s a first person shooter for crying out loud! This is the first thing you need to tweak as you jump into the game.

The default setting will be 50, which really limits what you can see on the screen, so what you want to do is amp the Field of View up to 75.

This will help you out in long and close-range fire fights. It doesn’t matter what first person game you’re playing, the FoV needs to be adjusted to an optimal setting.

Texture Quality
Your enemies will often use the environment to blend themselves in; which means your objective should be to set your visuals as such so that the enemy looks different compared to the environment.

Setting your texture settings to high will show the foliage completely fine, while showing a jagged outline of the enemy player.

Tweaking Shadows
Lower your Shadow Visibility to the lowest setting so that you can easily see enemies at longer ranges and take them out before they get a chance to notice you. This is actually a pretty neat setting, and it might as well be cheating at this point.

Set your shadows to high as this can help you easily detect any sort of movement within. The reason you don’t want your shadow settings set to low in EFT is that mostly every outline will be in motion, which makes it harder to detect any sort of movement.

Anti-Aliasing; Turn it Off!
Anti-Aliasing is a beautiful feature and it most certainly makes a game all the more visually appealing; but in a competitive game like Escape from Tarkov, you need to turn it off.

If you have it turned off; and a player moves from his location, you will notice the pixels moving, are way more eye-catching compared to when you had Anti-Aliasing turned on.

Get rid of V-Sync
At this point, turning V-Sync off in any game should pretty much be an instinct. V-Sync tries to maintain your frame-rate in accordance with the refresh rate of your monitor.

This Escape from Tarkov option may potentially hinder your FPS during gameplay, and we need to make sure your focus does not sway during a fire-fight, which can happen easily if your FPS starts dropping to the floor.

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
Turning SSAO on is going to make everything look more realistic in EFT, it will darken the grass and areas on the ground; turn SSAO off so as to both remove these dark spots and to improve your frames per second.

Screen Space Reflections to Off
Turn SSR off as this setting has essentially no tactical application whatsoever. The game’s mirrors do not reflect players at all, they only reflect the background environment.

Turning SSR off should give you an FPS boost.

Sharpen the Image
The slider should be set to above 1 so as to make the edges even more jagged; allowing you to spot enemies at a distance much more efficiently.

This setting will not affect your performance by much, so feel free to tweak around with it however you like.

Turn Chrome Aberrations Off
Chrome Aberrations should be turned off. Objects will sometimes appear smaller than they are and blurry if they have a light source right behind them.

Turn this graphics setting off so as to get image clarity.

Object LOD Quality
Set this setting to 2. Tweaking this setting changes how much quality and depth an object you have depending on your distance from the object in question.

Setting this to 2 is optimal as going higher doesn’t seem to help much; but it will affect your FPS.

Sound Tweaks
Turn the music settings down to 0. Although, there might not be any in the midst of fire-fights, you still want to turn this off just in-case.

Set Effects to 100% as you obviously want to be aware of footsteps the moment someone gets into your vicinity.

Grain Film Effect
Turn this effect off. It adds a little blur to the game’s visuals and thus makes it harder to see at distances. This effect adds noise to your visuals and you are going to want this off for added clarity.

Feel free to use these Escape From Tarkov Best Settings as a template and see what suits you best. If you have any suggestions regarding the settings, feel free to let us know.

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