Epic Store Brings “a lot of good to the industry,” Says Donkey Crew

Epic Games Store has been a topic of hot debate among the PC gaming community. While competition is good, the approach used by Epic Games is considered hostile and shady. However, The Last Oasis developer Donkey Crew considered Epic Games Store something that brought good to the gaming industry.

Speaking with Segmentnext, Donkey Crew said Epic Games Store does create tension in the gaming communities but competition is what drives improvements across the board. With the arrival of the Epic Store the stale distribution market.

Epic’s approach is bringing a lot of good to the industry, and while it does create some tensions in the gaming communities, competition is what drives improvements across the platforms. More publishing options, additions to developer tools, major overhauls to features and much more was brought int because of the new players on the market.

While Epic Games Store and Steam are trying to steal the largest piece of the pie by doing making big changes to the stale store environments, underdogs like Discord develop entirely new solutions for gaming user experiences. For Last Oasis, being a Survival MMO, having as many players to populate the world as possible is crucial to provide interesting and engaging gameplay with naturally occurred player interactions. Therefore, we decided that releasing on multiple stores and platforms to accommodate larger number of players is an absolute priority over the benefits of exclusivity

The rivalry between Epic Games Store and Steam is good but only if one store tries to improve itself in terms of features. Right now, Steam is more consumer-friendly than developer-friendly while Epic Store is more developer-friendly in terms of its revenue-split. This is one reason why the community is split over Epic Games and Steam. Some of the most basic features are missing from the Epic Store while Steam allows developers to generate more money.

Steam recently made changes to its distribution agreement to make sure developers who wish to have their games on Steam won’t go exclusive to Epic. The changes might help keep some of the games from leaving Steam.

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