Player Gets His Private Data Forward to Random Person By Epic Games Store Security

There’s been a shitstorm of Epic Games related shortcomings, especially with the store itself. A major issue was with the Epic Games store security, one that they have been trying to improve. This Reddit post, however, has proven that they still have a long way to go.

The story comes from a Reddit appropriately named fuckEpic. User Turbotoast shares his story in this screenshot from Epic Games themselves.

Now to Epic Games’ credit, they did immediately apologize and claimed that they have rectified the situation. Companies usually withhold and deny themselves being at fault in often scenarios. However, Epic Games have done a bit too much in the past to just be forgiven so easily.

It’s bad enough that Epic Games Store exclusives are ruining the PC gaming market. Whenever people ask why it’s so hard to just install a free new client, these stories are exactly why we can’t.

Besides the fact that the Epic Games Store itself is basically only made for the video game developers, it lacks so many basic features. For a good amount of time, there wasn’t even a search bar, and I still think a review section hasn’t been added yet.

The Epic Games launcher requires consumers to compromise so much just in order to play these exclusives. It’s come to a point that people have started resorting to piracy to play games out of their reach. While I don’t condone piracy in some way, I understand why people refuse to buy these Epic Games store exclusives. Still, the solution should be boycotting and not piracy.

I’m not going to get into the Epic Games store spyware accusations since that’s another story. It’s also a rather outlandish theory even if the store is cooperating with Tencent.

Hopefully, the Epic Games Store security takes this as the final straw and finally starts to care about their consumers as well. Until then, they’re never winning the store competition.

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