Epic Games Store Gets More Regional Pricing, Metro Exodus Only $20

Epic Games Store just expanded its regional pricing model and is offering regional pricing in a number of regions. According to an official post by Epic Games, the new regional pricing options are now live and the company will continue to expand regional pricing options.

Currently, in our region, Metro Exodus is available for $20. The gold edition of the game is available for $30. South East Asia players can enjoy access to the full Metro Exodus game for only $20 right now.

Metro Exodus

Regional pricing options have been expanded on the Epic Games store! The new regional pricing options are now live and we will be continuing expansion going forward. If you recently purchased a game at a higher price due to your region not previously being available, we will be refunding you the difference over the next two weeks. No action is needed on your part for these refunds.

We’re going to be releasing new features regularly like the expanded regional pricing. Keep an eye out for an Epic Game store roadmap in the near future.

The lack of regional pricing was one of the major complaints Epic Games Store’s user base had. While the regional options aren’t anywhere near what Valve’s Steam is offering, Epic Games is working on expanding its feature set.

The store is missing key features such as user-generated guides, user reviews, streaming to other platforms, and much more. While Epic is charging 12% revenue to the publishers, the feature set needs to be complete before Steam’s userbase decides to jump ship.

Metro Exodus and The Division 2 are two of the biggest games that are now exclusive to Epic Games Store. Many feel that Epic is strong-arming players into using its platform by buying exclusives.

The backlash resulted in players boycotting Metro Exodus and instead of cooling the situation down, one of the developers threatened to stop developing future Metro games for PC.

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