Epic Games: Devs Should Consider Actively Using Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing In Games

Nvidia introduced its real-time Ray tracing tech and demos were rolled out by Epic Games and Remedy Entertainment showcasing the tech using their propriety game engines and now Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney is encouraging developers to actively use Nvidia RTX for their games.

Speaking with MCVUK magazine, Epic Games Co-Founder Tim Sweeney encouraged developers to use the Nvidia RTX tech into their games. According to Sweeney, 10 years from now developers might find nothing but ray tracing in Unreal Engine.

The demo we showed in partnership with ILMxLab is the first step in that direction. Part of the scene is rendered and part is ray traced, all the shadows and reflections come from ray tracing, and like movies, game engines are going to adopt this.

You’re going to see more and more ray-traced elements in our scenes, and I think ten years from now you might find nothing but ray tracing in our engines. Everybody who’s starting a triple-A project, they all should be thinking about ray tracing.

When asked if this Nvidia RTX could be supported by consoles to which he said that he is confident that next-gen consoles could support this tech. He added that in two years time the GPUs will be powerful enough to run games with Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing enabled.

It’s not coming to your smartphone anytime soon. But GPUs move fast. You might find within two years that you have that amount of computing power in a single GPU. And suddenly it becomes possible at high-end.

Speaking on Nvidia, AMD And Nvidia AIB partners expect that the GPU shipments will plunge 40%.  According to the report, Gigabyte, MSI, and TUL are expecting the GPU shipments to drop by 40% in April due to cryptocurrency craze coming to an end.

Do you think devs should start using the Real-time Ray Tracing tech from Nvidia in their games? Let us know in the comments.

Source: MCVUK

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