Epic Games May End Paragon’s Development, Fortnite’s Success to Blame

Epic Games released Paragon in early access in March 2016 and the title has seen moderate success within its core community. However, due to the overwhelming success of Fortnite, Epic Games is shifting focus. The company is reevaluating their options for Paragon.

According to a recent statement from Epic Games, they are not sure about the right path for Paragon. The community isn’t big enough. This doesn’t mean that they will shut down development and end Paragon but shut down is one of the options they have.

Our efforts have always been focused on growing the game. While each of [Paragon’s] incarnations has been beloved by a core community, none has been large enough to achieve mainstream success. This, combined with the humbling success of Fortnite has caused us to question if we have a good path to grow Paragon and make it thrive.

The development on Paragon continues but due to their focus on Fortnite, the process is slow but they are doing their best at the moment.

Work on Paragon continues. V.45 ships this week with both Hero and Card balance as well as stability improvements.

However, progress has been slower lately for two reasons: First, the team’s time is split between immediate improvements and longer-term efforts, so there’s less visible progress. Second, a number of Paragon team members jumped onto Fortnite to help sustain the game as it has grown far larger than anything in Epic’s past.

Fortnite surpassed 40 million players and got 2 million concurrent players recently. It is as big, if not bigger, than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The free to play Battle Royale mode for Fortnite saw tremendous success. It released at the right time and capitalized on the success of PUBG.

Developers keep adding more content such as maps, weapons, and more. Development of new content takes time and for such a massive game, they need to release regular updates. Thus, focusing on Paragon is becoming increasingly difficult and it seems due to the lack of players, the effort just isn’t worth it.

While we would love to see Paragon thrive, sometimes you just need to face the facts.

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Source: Reddit

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