Epic Games May Have Accidentally Unveiled A Jetpack In Fortnite

Epic Games apparently just accidentally announced that there would be a jetpack in Fortnite sometime in the future. The jetpack would be involved in the game’s Battle Royale mode, adding a new facet of gameplay to the mode and likely making it even more popular than it was before now.

While Fortnite originally made a Battle Royale mode to compete with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a game entirely focused around that, it seems like it’s making a number of other more light-hearted and silly innovations to the game mode to make it different compared to the mode shown off in Battlegrounds.

In addition to separating itself more from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a jetpack in Fortnite could also bring up a great deal of different ways for people to play. Players who are fortunate enough to find a jetpack in the game can get up to high places without having to build their way up, and can also jump over difficult terrain rather than having to find a way around.

It also allows players who get it to not have to use the jump pad, eliminating a terrain feature that snipers might be watching so that they can shoot anyone that tries it. It also allows players to get an edge on players who don’t have the jetpack, letting them attack from above without having to worry about anyone being able to sneak up on them.

While it might take us a while to actually see a jetpack in Fortnite, hopefully Epic Games is going to be able to figure out all of the different ways that they could be abused and make sure that by the time the jetpack is released that it’s balanced to the game.

There’s no telling when the jetpack will actually be available, but other things like a dragon-shaped glider and who knows what else will be coming too.