Gears of War Creator Epic Games Would Have Died Without Unreal Engine

Gears of War creator Epic Games hasn’t published anything on console since 2013. They are working on Paragon for PS4 and PC that isn’t releasing for sometime. The studio hasn’t been as active in the development business as fans would have liked it to be.

Moreover, Epic Games’ proprietary engine, Unreal Engine, is now offered to anyone who wants it. Was it the best business decision? Well, for Epic Games it did turn out to be that way. They aren’t making many games so their primary source of revenue right now is Unreal Engine.

The system started a subscription based model in 2014 and then Epic Games later started a royalty system for anything created and profited from using the Unreal Engine. The royalty system has been very successful and according to Tim Sweeney, Unreal Engine has saved Epic Games from dying.

Speaking to Polygon:

Last year was our best engine year ever. By a significant margin. If we didn’t have the engine, we would have died. We would have died three times

The company has always been built on the synergy between developing games and technology. The complexity to the technology we build is so high, it will be insane to try to build it and separate it from any game business, and we’re always trying to push forward with the absolute capabilities of the hardware. I think that’s what’s defined Epic also historically.

Next Epic game is Paragon, which is a first person take on MOBAs, similar to For Honor from Ubisoft.

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