Did You Miss How The Environment Reacts In Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West was finally showcased earlier today by developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and as expected, the upcoming sequel looks absolutely stunning on PlayStation 5.

The new gameplay footage can be found below and while every frame pretty much ascertains Horizon Forbidden West to be a visual masterpiece, there is one particular element that needs attention.

The battle against the Tremortusk demonstrates just how much work has gone into making the environment dynamically react to every action. Each laser attack of the lumbering mecha-mammoth actually burrows into the sand and even sends sand flying into the direction of the attack.

The water also reacts similarly as each laser attack more or less explodes the water to shower the entire area. Debris in the way are sent flying as well.

Furthermore, both the Tremortusk and Aloy can be observed leaving behind footprints as they continue to battle. At one point the Tremortusk charges forward, creating craters behind it. Aloy herself can dive to evade attacks and push sand away upon landing.

The falling rubble also appear to be completely random and not as a scripted event. Guerrilla Games has even considered the weight of destructible items. Rubble for example fall quicker while leaves foliage seemingly fight against the wind before coming back to earth in a graceful fashion.

Horizon Forbidden West will be making full use of the DualSense controller and as such, this single battle against the Tremortusk allows fans to better imagine how many physical sensations they will be experiencing through the new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

It has to be said again and again that Horizon Forbidden West looks stunning on PlayStation 5. Everything from the landscapes, lighting, colors, special effects, textures, and more have been carefully put together by Guerrilla Games for a highly immersive experience as well as an impressive showcasing of what the new Sony console can do.

Unfortunately, a release date still remains pending. Taking to Twitter after the gameplay reveal, Guerrilla Games announced that development continues to be on track and that the developer “will have an update…very soon.”

Horizon Forbidden West so far has been strongly suggested to be releasing in fall 2021 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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