Enter The Gungeon Nintendo Switch Port Is Now Out And Available

An Enter the Gungeon Nintendo Switch port is now available to buy and download on the Nintendo console, after years of mainly being a PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game. Enter the Gungeon had previously gotten good reviews, and marks the Switch’s second prominent Roguelike-style game to be released.

Enter the Gungeon focuses on one of a group of different people, all with shady pasts and regrets they’d rather right. The titular “Gungeon”, which is inhabited by sentient bullet-people among a large amount of other enemies, houses a particular weapon: a gun that can kill the past. All of the characters in the game must make their way to that gun, in order to use it on themselves and right past wrongs.

Enter the Gungeon is known not just for its rather absurd premise and its roguelike mechanics, but also the sheer number of guns that you can find in the place. Whether they’re regular shotguns, pistols, or assault rifles, or more outlandish things like the Pea Shooter, which literally fires peas, the Cold 45, which freezes any enemy that it hits, and the Bundle of Wands, which can transmogrify enemies.

With all of the guns available in the Enter the Gungeon Nintendo Switch port, you’ll also have a lot of enemies to use them on, ranging from multiple different bosses to all of the unique enemies that you’ll be coming across, who are all more than capable of killing you quick if you’re not light on your feet. Thankfully, each of the different Gungeoneers has their own unique abilities.

Either way, if a game like the Enter the Gungeon Nintendo Switch port tickles your trigger finger, you can pick it up right now on the Nintendo eShop for the low price of $14.99. Just be sure that you’re alright with the long haul that a Roguelike normally brings.