Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Walkthrough Guide

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an action-adventure game developed by Ninja Theory and published by Namco Bandai Games. It...

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an action-adventure game developed by Ninja Theory and published by Namco Bandai Games. It sends players into a post-apocalyptic world over 150 years in the future where a global war has destroyed the earth and nearly all human race has been eradicated but the robots still plague the land. This makes the story a quest for survival, greatly inspired by the ancient Chinese novel Journey to the West.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Walkthrough

You play as a character named, who lives in solitude and is on the run. If you are stuck somewhere in the campaign, we have you covered with the handy guide that has walkthroughs for each chapter.

Chapter 1 – The Escape Walkthrough

This introductory chapter works as a sort of tutorial so that you can pick up the gist of the gameplay. It is easy to beat and you do not have to explore around much since there are no collectibles. The majority of the gameplay consists of you chasing down Trip, running and jumping around while learning how the combat works.

It doesn’t matter if you’re quick or taking your time since events play out the same way and the chapter ends with you getting knocked out in a crash. Check out GammaLGP’s walkthrough below for more details.

Chapter 2 – The Old City

The chapter opens up with you waking up in the ruins of a city that has been overrun by plants and wildlife. The trip has placed a slave headband on you so you now have to obey her commands. The only way to get it off is to get her safely to her community several miles away.

The journey is perilous with many mechs, sentries and a very tough boss fight. The walkthrough videos are below:


Chapter 3 – The Metal Tower

Despite what the title has you believe, you do not get to reach the Metal Tower until chapter 4. You need to make your way across a ravine via a large crane to reach the crash site in the distance. The chapter consists of you making your way to the Crane through various obstacles.

Trip helps you throughout the chapter by scanning the route for mechs and other enemies so that you can be better prepared during combat. Taking down enemies gives you many opportunities to collect Tech Orbs and the final fight against the Big Mech gives you some mighty fine points too.

Chapter 4 – Wherefore Art Thou?

Picking up from where the last chapter left off; you need to climb up the crane and get across the ravine. The trip cannot make the (heh) trip up there so you have to leave her at the bottom while you climb. During your climb, you will find a mask, encounter some mechs and have to move around a lot to dodge attacks from every corner. You will also have to escape the Dog before you can proceed to the next chapter.

Chapter 5 – The Crash Site

On your way to the crash site, you have fallen and found and yourself stuck among the rubble. You need to climb up and cross the bridge to finish your trek. While making your way across the path of debris, you will find a new gadget called the Cloud. It will shorten the travel between platforms for you greatly by traveling quickly across land and water.

Make your way through the area as Trip uses her tricks to get across as well. Be warned though, if you go too far from her, she will hit the kill-switch. Be mindful of falling pieces of bridge and look around for a collectible mask during this trek.

When you climb up the bridge, you will have to fight your way through a ton of mechs, but during this time, you can earn some serious tech orbs. The trip will help you out through many obstacles by using decoys and the chapter ends with you fighting the Dog.

Chapter 6 – Village Approach

You have fulfilled your promise of safely returning Trip to her community. Now you both need to work together to find out what is happening in the village by heading to two different watchtowers. This chapter involves you solving many puzzles to lower and raise bridges so that you both can cross.

The second watchtower is tougher to reach than the first one since there is nobody there that Trip can reach on the radio and it is surrounded by mechs. You will have to fight them off while proceeding forward until you hear Trip’s transmission. The chapter is relatively short so you can finish it quickly and without dying.

Chapter 7 – Finding Trip

This chapter is all about the combat and collecting rewards on your path to rendezvous with Trip. You will constantly run into Mechs then find Tech Orbs and ammo here and there. You will have to encounter wave after wave of enemies as you move from one area to the next so be sure to stock up on as much ammo as possible. You will still have some leftover from the previous chapter so that will be a big help.

Chapter 8 – Gaining Access

Similar to chapter 6, this one involves you and Trip making your way across the area while solving a few location related puzzles. There is a lot of level pulling and jumping across platforms but the biggest draw is the Windmill. Monkey gets to ride a windmill in this Chapter.

After that is done with, you encounter some mechs and then head back to the town square to take on a Dog. Once it is taken down, you proceed forward and the chapter ends.

Chapter 9 – The Wasteland

Monkey and Trip make their way through a desolate area Mad Max-style. Not only do you explore with your Cloud while taking down enemies and collecting Tech Orbs, but you end up getting to use a turret to mow down waves of enemies while Trip drives the boat. There are a good number of obstacles in this chapter ranging from enemies to mines but you will be able to finish it fine just as long as you are careful.

Chapter 10 – The Titan Factory

You will be racing against Piggy and although you have the advantage of being faster; he cheats. He takes many shortcuts and often overtakes you, making this race very tricky. It is still winnable with enough trial and error so keep at it to get the You Swine achievement.

From there the chapter becomes another trek across the area as Monkey, Trip and Piggsy solve puzzles and take down mechs. Your companions are a big help during this chapter as Trip helps you take down turrets with her decoy and Piggsy’s bomb clears the way for Trip.

Chapter 11 – The Old Battlefield

Right off the bat, you are thrown into a fight against two waves of shielded mechs. You can eliminate them by using your stun attacks and there is plenty of ammo around for your convenience. Be sure to check the area for Masks and Tech Orbs when you are done.

After getting out of the darkroom and making your way across the roof of the train, you will encounter some sleeping mechs that you can easily finish off to earn the ‘Out Cold’ achievement. The final fight is against a Rhino that will try to squish you flat so watch out for it.

Chapter 12 – The Dam

After a bunch of level pulling and coordinating, the team rides a few cars along the track. You will constantly be switching cars and changing the direction of the tram so this is a bit tricky but it is doable, just as long as you can stay focused and fend off the attacking Mechs.

When taking out the waves of enemies, try to be quicker than usual since Piggsy can be caught in the fans if you take too long. After all the foes are down, look around for masks and collectibles before helping out Piggsy.

Chapter 13 – Grand Theft

The chapter starts with some basic platforming at Trip’s terminal while you avoid fire and turning gears. You coordinate by having Trip turn off the flames then move upwards towards Piggsy who has already jumped across some gaps.

This chapter is extremely tricky since it’s almost entirely just puzzles but there’s a ton of hidden collectibles such as masks that you can get if you do it right. Eventually, you will reach the power core where you will fight off mechs to keep the power conduits safe and then end the chapter.

Chapter 14 – Pyramid

This final chapter raises the stakes by closing off access to the Trip store once you pick up the ammo further away from the gate. You will have to conserve and plan your attack carefully.

Take out mechs while platforming across the Leviathan’s exterior. You will be able to collect a bunch of tech orbs and ammo as you move forward while destroying leeches. Eventually, you will find yourself on top of the Leviathan fighting off waves of mechs until a robot scorpion fastens itself onto the hull. The trip will point out a level that allows you to fire a plasma blast at the beast. You will run around slowly damaging the Scorpion piece by piece until you take it down.

This entire section is timed since the Scorpion is causing a lot of damage to the ship so take it down quickly. Watch the Epilogue to receive the final achievement.

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