Resident Evil 2 Remake Engine Being Used For Devil May Cry 5, Devs Reveal

Recently the devs have revealed that the Resident Evil 2 Remake Engine is the same engine being used to develop Devil May Cry 5, to reap better quality.

If there is one thing that has its anticipation at its peak this very moment, it is none other than the upcoming Devil May Cry 5. Following the announcement at E3 2018, there have been quite a few details revealed, regarding this game. However, lately, the devs have been generous enough to let the fans in, on some of the most interesting details regarding Devil May Cry 5. Very recently the devs have revealed that Resident Evil 2 Remake Engine is being used to develop Devil May Cry 5.

In the latest weekly issue of Famitsu, an interview with the director Hideaki Itsuno, the senior producer Michiteru Okabe alongside the producer, Matthew Walker was included.

Now in the interview, a great many things about this upcoming Devil May Cry sequel have been revealed. It was revealed that the publishers and the developers have their focus set on achieving photo-realistic quality as well as, hitting a steady 60 FPS in Devil May Cry 5.

Adding to that the company has also adopted new techniques, for scanning of not only 3D characters but this time their clothes as well. Why the clothes? well in order to capture every detail, obviously. Then they revealed what seems to be the real catch, the devs are using the same Resident Evil 2 Remake Engine in developing Devil May Cry.

That said although most of these scans are being done overseas, the company is also utilizing its own studio based in Osaka as well. Furthermore, with most of the actors being based in London, another studio based near London is also being utilized.

With all that said, this new tech is being used with the Resident Evil Remake Engine, to reap more realistic visual quality. This technique has not been used before, so we can certainly expect better results in Devil May Cry 5.


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