Endless Legend Surfaces With The Vaulters Faction Reveal

Developer Amplitude Studios has revealed the very first faction of its upcoming PC game called Endless Legend. It also has a story for these people named The Vaulters, which it presents in a motion comic trailer.

These underworld dwellers will see their realm cracked from a great earthquake and be pushed towards the surface. There, they start anew in a sprawling expanse of otherwise harsh mountain lands.

Endless Legend takes place in the overarching lore made from the developer’s Endless Space franchise, for which it received the highest honors from last year’s Unity Awards. It currently is producing two new titles to the progenitor’s 4X genre of strategy.

In Dungeon of the Endless, the graphical style switches to bright pixel art for a randomly generated dungeon crawler. For Endless Legend, the 4X mechanisms of building out an empire stays the same, but it switches from dark space to one particular planet.

Gameplay takes place on Auriga, which also played a central role in the Endless Space saga. It’s here that a total of 8 major factions will take up arms to claim their grounds, with The Vaulters being the first.

Some of their traits have already shown up on the game’s site. Choosing these medieval knights, infused by an ancient energy, will come with the following benefits:

  • Advanced science
  • Stronghold strategy
  • Winter-hardened
  • Army teleportation

Moreover, a few units are known, which span from normal brawlers to more decked out crushers. These are called Hero, Titan, Dawn Officer and Marine.

There’s still a ton of info to be revealed, but Endless Legend does already show its connection to prior projects. As Dungeon of the Endless is played underground in an effort to reach the surface, it bears a resemblance to the story of The Vaulters.

Endless Legend will come to Steam’s Early Access program in the second quarter of 2014.

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