How to Enable Console in Risk of Rain 2

One of the better features of a game on PC is that you can keep coming back to it to explore new things. This is made possible due to the presence of a Console Menu that lets you mess around with the many elements of the game to alter your gameplay and discover new stuff. Other times, it will help you along your playthrough. Let’s discuss accessing the Console Menu in Risk of Rain 2.

Enable Risk of Rain 2 Console

The in-game console commands allow you to tweak a lot of things ranging from the visuals and audio to how the interactivity of the different items and NPCs in Risk of Rain 2 is handled with respect to the player.

After launching Risk of Rain 2, simply press the following three buttons in conjunction to activate the console:

Ctrl + Alt + `

Although we’re all too familiar with the first two buttons, the last input can be hard to find on the keyboard if you don’t use it much. On all keyboards, the “`” key is situated right below the Esc key so use that for locating it with more ease.

Once you’ve opened the console window, you can simply type “help” to return a list of commands that you can utilize to bring changes to your copy of the game.

Here each command is accompanied with its consequent effect so you’ll always be in the know, eliminating any risk of making a mistake. This is unlike the feature what most of the PC games have adopted ever from their launch: the developer’s console.

The main idea behind such a tool was to give more control to the player in how they’d like to play the game without any limitations or restrictions in regards to time-specific tasks or tough enemies or low-health scenarios.

The console command option comes in even handier in a re-play or second playthrough of the game, when players will decide to rush through and only observe the critical parts of the game.

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