Empire of Sin Money Making Operations Guide

Empire of Sin has you building up your criminal empire as you learn to stem yourself into the various businesses and rackets throughout its world. In this Empire of Sin Money Making Operations guide, we’ll be showing you how to become the most profitable thief and mobster in all of Chicago.

Empire of Sin Money Making Operations

You start off your journey in Empire of Sin with only a handful of money and a few rackets. As you progress, you will gain a stronger foothold in town by doing various defined activities for you in the game.

Buyout buildings and start your own businesses, or take a more aggressive approach and attempt to take down your competition’s work.


There are a number of businesses and rackets you can open in Empire of Sin as an up-and-coming mob boss, with each having its own individual upgrades that increase its profit.

  • Breweries
  • Speakeasies
  • Brothels
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Safehouses

Above is a list of all structures you can build in your respective neighborhoods.

The Rackets you own will have a defined level of ‘Security’, which can be increased by simply upgrading it from the menu.

‘Deflect’ defines the possibility of police raiding your racket; upgrading it allows you to lower the police’s suspicion.

If you have multiple Rackets of the same type in a neighborhood, you can increase the synergy amongst them to increase the amount of money you get as a result.

Acquiring Rackets
You can attempt to gain control of businesses as you scour the streets of Chicago.

Taking over certain locations will allow you to establish either the same racket as before (Free) or change it into something new (Costs money).

What’s the best way to acquire a number of rackets at once? You can go ahead and buy out vacant spaces for your business expansion; however, the best way to increasing your influence is by going to war.

Simply declare war with one of the major factions in your game and search for their safe house.

Attack with a proper crew to maximize your chances of winning and take over all of their rackets for your own.

The only drawback of this methodology is the amount of traction you gain after the deed. Police and other factions will grow distasteful of your activities and envy your strength.

Alcohol and Breweries

To meet the increasingly large demand for alcohol, you must begin to supply the people of Chicago with the booze they need.

You can find out all the breweries you own by going into the ‘Alcohol Info’ tab on the top right. Here, you can manage most of your things related to your Alcohol business.

By enhancing Production, Alcohol Quality, Storage, and meeting each neighborhood’s unique requirements, you can effectively increase the profit from your Alcohol business by multiple folds.

Your safe houses too, are a mini-brewery. But they only have the ‘Security,’ ‘Production,’ and ‘Alcohol Quality’ upgrades.

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