Epic Store’s Lack of Email Verification Leading to Fake Accounts and Fraudulent Activities

This is a big mishap on the store’s part if it’s true. A multi-billion dollar company not even having a basic step of security in its client is pretty appalling. The Epic Store doesn’t verify your email when you sign in from either a different device or a new account.  According to reports, this is leading to fraudulent activities and fake accounts in your name.

A Reddit user posted about the situation and the post attracted many who were experiencing the same issue.

I found fraudulent accounts had been created using two different email addresses of mine on the Epic Store when attempting to create an account. Had them deactivated. Changed the passwords on the email accounts, checked my bank and credit card statements for any fraudulent activity but everything seemed ok.

I found it weird that searching back through my emails I had no record of any validation emails sent to me for setting up a new account on the Epic store. So I created a new account using a third address. And yep, Epic does not have the most basic step of an account validation email when setting up a profile. I cannot believe a mutli-billion dollar company doesn’t even have that basic of a security step for their customers.

Pretty big letdown in consumer-friendly services which has sort of been Epic store’s issue ever since its inception. The client is a bit too developer friendly and not enough features for customers. This is evidenced by games like the Division 2 or Metro Exodus migrating to the Epic store.

This is due to their smaller cut taken from developers as compared to what Steam takes. It’s a good thing that Steam does have competition, yes. But that doesn’t mean the consumers should have to sacrifice this much to get their favorite games.

The Epic store also had a regional pricing problem alongside email verification. To their credit though, they did fix the region issue recently.

Two things they didn’t fix, however, were the refund policy and game review section. Not only do people not have a way to refund a bad game that’s not to their liking. They also have no way of telling how a game is since the client doesn’t have a review section for their games.

Considering these are the guys that own Fortnite, these shortcomings are pretty disappointing, to say the least.

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