Ellie’s Sexuality In The Last Of Us 2 Does Serve As A Background For Her Character

One of the interesting things Sony had at its E3 2018 was the gameplay trailer of The Last Of Us 2. From all of the intriguing stuff seen in the trailer, what seems to have been on everyone’s mind is the complexity of the character, Ellie. Putting into context the scene, when Ellie kisses Dena, seems to have stirred some peculiar questions. One of the biggest being that does Ellie’s sexuality serve as a background for her character? In a discussion with the director and the co-writer of the game, this question was highlighted.

Starting off, the group of people we saw in the The Last Of Us 2 E3 2018 trailer, hanging people and performing certain rituals known as Seraphites, give a feeling that they are a group of religious extremists who speak of sin and apostates, and for those who fall outside the boundaries of their beliefs, they have a penchant for hanging such people.

Neil Durkmenn the director of the game, in reference to Seraphites, said,

“You get the hint that there are certain rituals they perform on people outside of their religion”

“They’ve existed since the outbreak and they have a very nuanced, interesting history at how they’ve arrived at this point”

Then the big question was dropped in front of Drukmenn and the co-writer Halley Gross; could it be possible that Ellie’s homosexuality is anathema to the beliefs of the Seraphites?

Unfortunately, they were able to avoid that question but when they were asked whether Ellie’s sexuality serves as a background for her character, then Durkmenn added,

we’re really excited to show all facets of Ellie’s personality. Part of that is who she’s attracted to, what her relationships are, who she’s willing to play for, so part of that is addressing her sexuality, for sure.

So, those who are looking forward to this amazing game, you can be sure that not only will Ellie’s character be complex but those complexities in her personality, will have a part to play in the game either historically, philosophically or as we progress in the game.

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Source: gameinformer