New Elite Skin Announced for Twitch in Rainbow Six Siege

The Mid-Season Reinforcement update for Rainbow Six Siege will introduce a new Elite Skin for Twitch called Maquis, Ubisoft announced earlier today.

The Maquis was a French resistance movement during the German occupation of France during World War II, and is a word that is usually used to describe the southern French woodlands. In that light, the operator’s new getup is doused in military brown. Even her drone gets a special camouflage treatment.

All Elite Skins in Rainbow Six Siege feature unique uniforms and matching headgear. They also boast an exclusive operator card, a charm, special operator name, and a unique signature victory animation. While Ubisoft is yet to unveil most of those features for Maquis Twitch, you can preview the victory animation below.

Just like the rest of the Elite skins, you can purchase the sets in the in-game store for 1,800 R6 Credits each or 1,620 R6 Credits for Season Pass owners.

The developer has been teasing several upcoming features that will be part of the game’s Mid-Season Reinforcement update. Yesterday, Ubisoft teased the addition of new thermal imaging to the arsenal of Rainbow Six Siege, making sure that players can no longer hide in the shadows. A designated area in the sight makes targets appear more prominent by highlighting them in bright yellow. It’s assumed that the thermal scope will only be available for Glaz, but it is possible that the new gadget arrives for all operators that can make use of it.

Ubisoft is expected to drop more details about the upcoming update in the coming weeks. As for the new Maquis Elite Skin of Twitch, it is confirmed to hit the in-game store tomorrow.

The game is currently into its Year-Two, with the new season pass available for purchase. Similar to last year, Rainbow Six Siege will receive four expansion packs this year that will be themed around four different countries.

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