Elite: Deadly Trademark Presumably Filed by Frontier, A New Elite Game Incoming?

A new trademark under the name Elite: Deadly has been filed, hinting that a new title in Elite video game series might be in development.

There is no way of knowing the owner as of this instant, but it is safe to assume that the owner is Frontier Developments since the owner’s most-recent registered trademarks also belong to Frontier Developments.

The trademark is filed under Services and Goods – you can check out the image provided below for more information:

Elite [Deadly]

No other details can be extracted at the moment since Frontier Developments has kept its silence. It can be a mobile application for all we know, but it seems highly unlikely that they will choose such an important name for an application.

Other than this, some fans are also suggesting that it can be an offline game, but personally it will ruin the universe for some players.

In related Elite news, Elite: Dangerous has received update v.1.04 which fixes a host of issues related to servers as well as bounties. For more information and patch notes, you can check this detailed post.

What is your take on this recently filed trademark? Let us know in the discussion box below.

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