Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Canned For Consoles, Will Be PC-Only In The Future

Frontier Developments confirmed that it has decided to cancel Elite Dangerous: Odyssey for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

It has been nearly a year since developer Frontier Developments delayed the console release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. That wait has now been extended indefinitely for all flight simulation fans on consoles.

In a new development update from earlier today, Frontier Developments confirmed that it has decided to cancel Odyssey for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The developer will also be no longer releasing any new content for Elite Dangerous on consoles as the game takes a PC-only focus from here on.

“Over the last several months, we have been wrestling with the best way to move forward, and it is with a heavy heart we have decided to cancel all console development,” said Frontier Developments CEO David Braben.

Odyssey was received poorly by players when it released for Elite Dangerous on PC in May 201. The expansion was suffering from performance and connectivity issues alongside a mountain of bugs and glitches. The backlash ultimately forced Frontier Developments to delay the expansion for consoles in order to improve the state of the PC version.

Odyssey has since then received nearly a dozen updates and patches on PC. It was assumed that the developer would not be focusing on the console release but Frontier Developments has instead decided to keep PC a priority in the long run.

“We need to be able to move forward with the story of the game, and in order for us to do this we need to focus on a single codebase,” explained Braben. “This was not an easy decision to make, but it was made with the long-term future of Elite Dangerous in mind.”

Elite Dangerous will continue to run on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but will no longer be entitled to any new content that lands on PC. The developer will however be still supporting the game on consoles with critical updates.

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