ELEX Xacor Side Quests Guide

This ELEX Xacor Side Quests Guide will detail all there is regarding the side quests in the region of Xacor and how to complete them without any trouble. This guide will help you with all the side quests in the Xacor region.

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ELEX Xacor Side Quests

In Xacor, you will encounter the following side quests

Turn Off Converter in East Xacor
This side quest will automatically start as you enter the East Xacor. Your task is to turn off the Converter in the area and it will be to the East of the Ice Palace.

You will face many enemies along the way (Albs, E4300, Combat Robots, Fighting Collosuses); however, defeating them all is not necessary.

Just focus on getting to the Converter entrance. Once you are inside, keep going up until you reach a red console that will allow you to shut down the converter.

Turn Off Converter in West Xacor
This quest will trigger as you enter the West Xacor and the converter is to the South of the Ice Palace. The entrance of the converter will be guarded by a Fighting Colossus mech.

There will also be other hostiles present there, like Albs, E4300, Combat Robots, but you can simply just ignore them. The only enemy you need to fight is the Colossus Mech.

Defeat it, enter the Converter, and keep going up the floors until you reach the console that will let you turn off the Converter.

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