ELEX Regent Rank Guide – How to Reach Regent Level, Tips and Tricks

In this ELEX Regent Rank Guide, we will guide you on how you can reach the Regent rank in ELEX. As you level up with the Clerics, you will acquire advanced ranks that offer you plenty of bonuses and benefits.

Similar to this, Regent level unlocks a lot of unique items and quests. We have curated this ELEX Regent Rank Guide so that you can easily reach the Regent Rank in ELEX. We have listed all the requirements that you need to fulfill in this ELEX Regent Rank Guide.

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ELEX Regent Rank Guide

ELEX Regent Rank Guide details all the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to reach the Regent rank with the clerics.

ELEX Regent Rank Guide – How to Achieve

To reach the rank of Regent, you will be required to complete some requirements first. To start, you need to level up to level 25.

After that, you will be required to complete two quests and then collect 1000 Elexit as a promotion fee. Two quests that you need to complete are Divine Mission and Renegade Clerics. Both are started from different clerics.

ELEX Divine Mission

The first quest is Divine Mission. To start this quest, head over to The Hort and speak with Balder. He will task you with recruiting more people to the Clerics. He will assign you three people that you will need to convince to join The Clerics.

The first person that you need to convince is Connor. You will find him in Tavar Mountains Gas Station. Its exact location is right on the Tavar and Abessa’s border. Once you initiate the chat with him, you will be presented with three ways to convince him.

You can either suggest him to join for which you will require the Suggestion ability. You can also bribe him with 500 Elexit or you can also threaten him. We recommend either using suggest or bribe to convince him because, during the combat, you may end up killing him.

The second target is Rider. You will find him in a big greenhouse located south of The Fort. Help him fight the jackals and then talk with him.

You can use the same three ways to convince him however if you threaten him, he will not fight back and will agree to join anyway. His bribe is 100 Elexit so you can use any way that suits you in getting him to join.

Your last person to convince is Galar. He cannot be bribed so you will have to suggest or threaten him. You can fight him as well as he only is knocked out instead of being killed. You can then convince him to join the Clerics.

Once all three are convinced, head back to Balder. Connor will have some issues at the entrance of the city to talk with Xander to resolve the problem. Return to Balder and collect your rewards to complete the quest.

Renegade Clerics

Hagen in The Hort will task you in killing some heretics who fled after murdering some Clerics. You will find them in their hideout in the mountains located south-west of the Hort. Watch out for Lava and monsters.

There are two ways you can solve this quest. First is that you talk with the heretics, gain their trust and then do not kill them. You head back to Hagen and Reinhold and you lie to them about the heretics being killed.

The second way to tackle this quest is by simply killing all the heretics as asked by Hagen. The starting conversation with them is totally optional.

You can start killing them instantly or first engage in the conversation and then kill them later. Killing each heretic grants additional XP so we recommend you kill them instead of sparing them for maximum XP. Once done, head back to Hagen and collect your reward.

Promoting to Regent Rank

Once you have completed all the quests and all other requirements, your next stop will be Reinhold. Talk to him and ask him to increase your rank to Regent. Pay him the promotional fee of 1000 Elexit.

If all your quests are completed, he will give you 400 Elexit back but you must have 1000 Elexit to start the process. You get 5000 XP and a new rank of Regent. All the bonuses are now available to you. Check with Camp Master for all new Regent gear.

This concludes our ELEX Regent Rank Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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