ELEX Lock Picking Guide – How to Pick a Lock, Lockpicking Tips

In this ELEX Lock Picking Guide, we will guide you how to pick locks in ELEX. ELEX is an open-world RPG game and it gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to doing things.

You can also pick a lot locks on different chests found around the game. We have curated this ELEX Lock Picking Guide so that we can show you how to pick these locks easily. Become the lockpicking master with our ELEX Lock Picking Guide.

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ELEX Lock Picking Guide

ELEX Lock Picking Guide details everything you need to know about picking locks in ELEX.

ELEX Lock Picking – How to

During your journey in ELEX, you will find many chests with loot inside them waiting to be opened. However, you cannot open them easily as you will need lockpicks and some expertise in using them.

You also get a limited number of picklocks so you need to be careful with them, as you cannot afford to break too many lockpicks on an easy chest.

Before you start picking locks, you must learn the Lock Picking ability. Without this ability, you cannot pick locks even if you have lockpicks.

After getting this ability, next thing you need to do is find some picklocks. If you manage to find the Adventurer’s Amulet at the start of the game, it will give you +1 boost to your lockpicking.

To start picking locks, collect all the required items and head to a chest. Keep in mind that each chest has a different skill requirement and to unlock the chest, your own lockpicking skill must be greater than that of the chest.

If your skill level is lower than the requirement of the chest, you can stop picking it, as it will only waste your lockpicks.

Select a chest that has lower skill requirement than yours and starts picking the lock. As soon as you begin picking it, a mini-game will start and show you bolts located inside the lock.

Your task is to raise all sets of bolts until they turn blue in the right sequence. You must find two adjacent bolts at the start. If the sequence is right, they will lock in place.

If the sequence is not right, the correct bolts will fall down as well and turn red. Repeat the process again but going to the other side.

Remember one wrong lift will take you back to the drawing board and you will need to start from them again. As you lock bolts in the right sequence, new bolts will turn blue allowing you to lock them in place.

As you move to more difficult chests, you will notice that the pair of bolts will keep increasing so make sure that you try to lift the correct set to start, as your lockpick will not give you many chances for mistakes. It will break eventually.

You can buy lockpicks from different vendors and find them as loot around the world. Traders such as Oran and Alrik in Goliet also sell lockpicks.

So make sure when you venture out in the wild, you are well stocked on lockpicks as you never know when you will come across a locked chest.

This concludes our ELEX Lock Picking Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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