ELEX Legendary Items Locations Guide

Legendary Items are a game-changer in ELEX, giving you boosted stats and making combat that much easier. In this ELEX Legendary Items Locations guide we will help you track down all the Legendary Items in ELEX and give you that extra bit of firepower.

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ELEX Legendary Items Locations

There is a huge variety of Legendary Items in ELEX which are scattered throughout the world of ELEX. Below you will find the locations of all the unique Legendary Items.

Legendary Swords

Snake Bite
A lesser Legendary Sword with poison effect wielded Single-Handedly Can be acquired early in the game. It has a damage of 40 with +10% for Melee Weapons. Find it in Sinda’s Shop just left of the entrance.

Requirement: 60 Dex, 30 Str

Sword of Advent
A Single-Handed lightning damage weapon. It has a greater dexterity stat requirement and has a damage of 50.

It is situated on top if the cleric’s fortress in the Domed City that can easily be accessed through the stair case leading down from one corner of the Infinite Skyies shrine.

Requirement: 74 Dex, 40 Str

Ignis Artifex
It is a two-handed sword. Ignis Artifex features 48 fire damage and costs 625 Elexit. This is hard to miss as you can obtain it during a quest known as Harvest Time. During the quest, you will find an island near the Hotel Ruins of Goliet.

Go there and keep heading towards the center of the island. Once there, you will come to a hole in a ground. Jump inside, kill the monster nearby, and get the two-handed sword Ignis Artifex.

Requirement: 65 Dex, 44 Str


Ironfist’s Shield
A berserker’s shield that can be found north of the Small Camp inside the reavers’ compound. You will meet strong resistance when you go for the shield. Its’ better to take assistance from the comapanions at the Small Camp to make life easier.

The shield grants +20 resistance to lightning damage.

Requirement: 25 Str, 45 Con

Calaan’s Bulwark
Calaan’s Bulwark is a shield. It offers 15 damage points, a +20 boost to poison resistance, and it costs 660 Elexit.

You can get it from one of the walls in Cathedral’s floor in the Cleric’s headquarters located in The Hort. Make sure no one is around you because when you take the shield, it will be considered as theft.

Requirement: 35 Str, 65 Con


Gaia’s Wrath
A Single-Handed fairly basic weapon yet inexplicable mace owing to the two gem slots. It deals a damage of 39 with +10% for melee weapons.

Find it in the building just north of the teleporter in Valley of the Damned. It’ll be placed on a shelf on the ground floor.

Requirement: 24 Str, 65 Con


Kiss of Death
A Dual-Handed weapon that deals an impressive amount of ice damage. It has a high level requirement to wield it.

It is situated in a cave south of the Valley of the Damned teleporter location. The cave is brimmed with enemies i.e. you will face Rotboars and Rottmolchs followed by the Patron that guards the axe itself.

Requirement: 76 Str, 92 Con

Armor Cracker
This is a strong Single-Handed axe that causes radiation effect its target. It can be found north-east Sandy Pines in the huge radioactive crater. It has a damage of 47.

To get to the axe, you need to take some radiation resistance measures such as using mask or chemicals that may help.

Requirement: 50 Str, 69 Con


Hammer of Advent
A starting up Dual-Handed Hammer with a decent fire damage. Has an overall damage of 45.

You’ll find it in on the shore of a lake south-east of the teleporter location of the Domed City. You’ll identify the location with a troll bathing in the lake.

Requirement: 33 Str, 67 Con

Legendary Rifles

Archon’s Might
Another early game weapon. It is a Laser Rifle that can be found in the thief’s guild hideout beneath the Domed City. It features 30 meters range, 45 damage, 15 shots and costs 430 Elexit. You will find it during a quest named; A Strange Mechanism.

Requirement: 45 Dex, 56 Int

The Redeemer
The Redeemer features 30 meters range, 100 damage, 7 shots and costs 3,120 Elexit. It comes with EMP, Plasma Ball and Single Shot modes.

You will also require a jetpack to access it and a high level so that you can take on the enemies surrounding this legendary energy weapon. This is found on the rooftop of North Abessa in a Converter.

Requirement: 65 Dex, 65 Int

The Executor
This is a laser rifle with a low stat requirement. It can be found north of Fort Tavar in a metallic building. It does a decent damage of 89 with +10% ranged weapons.

Requirement: 50 Dex, 76 Int

Mortal Beam
A laser rifle of immense power that comes with a Mutant Killer perk. It has three shooting modes i.e. Burst, Single Shot and Auto.

It is situated at the base of the volcano west of Hort.

Requirement: 59 Dex, 83 Str


The Staker
This is a useful Harpoon Gun with very little stat requirement. It does a damage of 79. It can be found in the building south of the dam that separates Abessa from Ignadon.

Requirement: 42 Dex, 70 Str

Dr. Strange
A very promising Rocket Launcher found in the basement of the castle west of Tavar Mountains teleporter location. It does a damage of 104 and has Explosive, Fragmentation and Plasma rocket modes.

Requirement: 65 Dex, 75 Str

Daryl’s Revenge
This is an impressive crossbow located on a mountain cliff west of the Convertor in Tavar.

Requirement: 50 Dex, 65 Str

Widow Maker
It’s a very powerful grenade launcher that shoots three grenade at once. Has a hefty overall damage of 114. It is found north-east of the Hangar at the bottom of a mountain in Ignadon.

Requirement: 60 Dex, 82 Str

The Furnace
It is a legendary flame thrower that hold 35 more fuel than a usual flamethrower. Its shots have the additional edge of staggering the enemies in the ball of flame. It burns enemies causing damage overtime.

You can find it north of the Cathedral teleporter location, inside the engineering bay of Hort in the room above Godehard (NPC).

Requirement: 55 Dex, 68 Str

The Phantom String
The Phantom String Bow features 50 meters range, 72 damage, and costs 1,400 Elexit. To find this legendary bow, you need to head to Origin.

You will visit this place during your main story. Inside the village, you need to climb the tower all the way to the top. The bow is located at the top. This village is located between Edan and Abessa high in the mountains.

Requirement: 30 Dex, 70 Str

Thunderclap is a ranged weapon. It features 30 meters range, 91 damage, 7 shots, and costs you 1,420 Elexit. To obtain the weapon you can go to Duke’s Bunker in The Fort and reach one of the upper floors of the bunker, which has the secret stash.

If you go there during the daytime, kill the soldier guarding the door otherwise sneak during nighttime via the fenced balcony.

Requirement: 60 Dex, 70 Str

It is a legendary heavy support weapon that has a damage of 46. It should normally be used fixed from a position and it shoots projectile. You can choose from the 3 projectile modes i.e. Sharpnel, Radioactive and simple Projectile.

It can be found on a shelf on the cliff.

Requirement: 35 Dex, 35 Str.

This concludes our ELEX Legendary Items Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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