Elex Berserkers Faction Quest ‘Becoming a Warrior’ Guide – A Quick Rise, For the Community, Cormag’s Solace

Elex Berserkers Faction Quest ‘Becoming a Warrior’ Guide will help you with how to become a Warrior in the Berserkers Faction as there are some tasks that players will need to complete before they are promoted from Cultivator to a Warrior.

ELEX is a sci-fi RPG developed by Piranha Bytes for PC and consoles. The game being an open-world title, players will come across many characters that will offer you quests and rewards for completing them. This guide will help you with becoming the Warrior in the Berserkers Faction.

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Elex Berserkers Faction Quest ‘Becoming a Warrior’ Guide

Elex Berserkers Faction Quest ‘Becoming a Warrior’ Guide will detail all there is that players will need to do so that they can be promoted to the Wrrior in Berserkers Faction.

ELEX Becoming a Warrior Quest Guide

This mission will unlock once you have successfully joined the Berserkers Factions in “Allies from the Middle Ages” faction quest. However, you will join up as a Cultivator and will have to make your way up to the Warrior. For that to happen, talk to Ragnar and he will ask you to fulfill some requirements in the form of a series of quests.

A Quick Rise
For this quest, Ragnar will want you to find Gunnar in the Valley of the Damned. Make your way to the valley of the Dammed to the west from The Great Lift in Edan. There you will find some bandits that you need to take care of them. Examine the northern hill in the hill and fight your way through and you will find Gunnar’s corpse. Take his journal and return to Ragnar.

Cormag’s Solace
Talk to Cormag in Goliet to activate the quest. Once you talk to him and start the quest, report to Born who will be at the northern end of the village. Born will ask you to get rid of 15 Gralla Roots. Do what you are asked to do and dump and after that dump the roots in the barrel near the wall. Now return to Born and then return to Cormag.

For the Community
To start this quest talk to Angrim in Goliet. Angrim will ask the player to keep an eye on Zerwas, who collects taxes in the city. Start doing what you are asked to do right away, follow Zerwas and stand close to the people he talks to so that you can eavesdrop on them.

You will need to hear three conversations of Zerwas before he takes the money to Angrim. Go to Angrim and here you will have two options. Either tell Angrim the truth that Zerwas has stolen some money from Angrim or lie that Zerwas has given all the money and even added some from his own pocket. However, the second option is not recommended as it will get you in trouble.

Now, if you tell the truth and you are in debt to Angrim then he might ask you to kill Zerwas and you have to accept this request or you will lose Angrim’s support. Follow Zerwas until he leaves the village, once he is, attack and kill him and then return to Angrim.

Once you have completed these quests and you are at level 15 then return to Ragnar and ask him to make you a warrior.

That is all for our Elex Berserkers Faction Quest ‘Becoming a Warrior’ Guide with tips on the what quests to complete to become the warrior in the Berserkers Faction.

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