ELEX Berserkers Faction Become a Paladin Quest Guide

This ELEX quest Guide will detail all there is that players will need to do so that they can be promoted to the role of Paladin in the Berserkers Faction. We will walk you through all the steps and related quests so that you may become a Paladin in ELEX.

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ELEX Berserkers Faction Become a Paladin Quest

Once you have become the Warrior in Berserkers Factions you are now eligible to make promote your character to Paladin.

In this case, go to Ragnar and talk to him and he will tell you that there are some requirements that players need to fulfill before they can be promoted to Paladin.

Alarming News
This will be the first quest to unlock once you talk to Ragnar about becoming a Paladin. He will give you a bounty on Thorgal.

Thorgal will be protecting The World Heart to the west of Edan. Go there and talk to Thargal and he will tell you that the faction is preparing to counter a bandit attack.

Once the conversation is over, go to the northern entrance of the camp and kill reavers that approach there.

Then go back to Thorgal and defend the southern entrance. Once the attack is over, talk to Thorgal and he will ask you to track down the leader of the bandits.

Head to the east from The World Heart where the bandit camp is located. Get to the camp and kill the bandit leader and his allies. After killing the leader, go back to Thorgal and then to Ragnar.

The Enemy of My Enemy
For this quest, talk to Cormag and he will give you a very simple task of delivering a sealed letter to the clerics.

He will also instruct you to not open the letter, go to the Cathedral and meet Reinhold and give him the letter. He will give you a message to get to Cormag, just return to him.

The Fight for the Canyon
To activate the quest, talk to Angrim and he will ask you to help the faction to retake the Blood Road from the bandits. Reach the place and meet with Gardar who will be at the east of the village. Follow them and help them eliminate the bandits.

Make sure you do not take any friendly fire.  Each killed enemy will give you 100XP, while killing all of them grants 2000XP. Afterward go back to Angrim and report to him. This will grant you another 2000 XP + 200 Elexit.

Once all of these quests are done and you are at level 25, it is time for you to become the Paladin. Go to Ragnar and talk to him, ask him to make you a Paladin and he will promote you to Paladin from a Warrior.

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