Elex Berserkers Faction Quest ‘Allies from the Middle Ages’ Guide

This ELEX Berserkers Faction Quest Guide will help you with all the tasks and quests that you will need to complete Allies from the Middle Ages and become a member of the Berserkers Faction.

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Elex Berserkers Faction Quest Allies from the Middle Ages

In this faction quest, players are tasked with joining the Berserkers Faction in ELEX. The quest itself is quite short as players are only required to build up their reputation to join the faction and complete the quest.

Also, once you join the Berserkers Faction, you won’t be able to complete quests from other Factions as players can only be a member of a single faction.

To join the Berserkers Faction, all you have to do is go to speak to the leader Ragnar in the hotel in Goliet. This will start “The Law of the Berserkers” mission which will see you doing a series of tasks that will help you join the faction.

You can also talk to Ragnar in between the tasks to know about your progress. Now there will be three responses if you have done all the tasks he will welcome you to Berserkers Faction, if you haven’t completed the tasks he will tell you to keep going until you have.

The third response will be in case if you have completed all the tasks but, have made some decisions along the way that have harmed the faction. In this case, you can ask him for another chance and a mini-quest “Making things Right” will start.

The Seedling in the Forest
Players will be tasked with replacing the defective Elex Weapon from the house behind Jora. Jora will arrive and will take you to Angrim to punish you for equipping Elex technology. The Punishment will be to find Rogar in the Valley of the Damned.

Elex Supplies
Talk to Joran near Oran and he will tell you that he requires machine parts from an inactive converter. Travel north to a small camp where a group of Reavers will attack you. Kill the Reavers and continue looking for Korin.

Once you find Korin he will tell you that he is cursed and will soon become a mutant. Ask for the machine parts that you require and he will run away. Chase him down and defeat him.

Mysterious Aura
Find Orin near the blacksmith and talk to him about his work and he will tell you about himself.

Searching for Clues
Talk to Hakon and he will express his desire to kill Albs because he wants revenge for killing his soldiers. Kill Nezol and two separatists and kill them.

Elex for the Mana Shrine
Talk to Caldrim and you will learn that the Elex he requires for his work has been stolen by Kral and you will be tasked with tracking him down. You will find a journal on the table outside that will reference a crypt. Ask Caldrim about it and he will point you to it.

Get to the crypt where you will find Kral and his brother Grimar. YOu will immediately find out that Grimar is a mutant and Kral has been feeding him ELEX. You can either spare him and lie to Caldrim that Kral is dead or you will have to fight him.

Departure to Foreign Lands
Find Ragnar in the hotel and speak to him. Ask him about what he needs of you. For this task, players will need to visit two major cities and report back to him. Visit any of the two major cities of other faction and then return to Ragnar and tell him what you have seen.

There Is Always Something to Do!
Speak to Ragnar in the hotel to initiate this quest and he will tell you to speak to Irdor. Go to Irdor and talk to him and he will ask you for some supplies. You have to gather the supplies scattered around the world or you can just buy them from Sinda. Once you have the supplies, give them to Irdor and return to Ragnar.

Making things Right
This is a mini-quest and will only activate if you have completed all tasks to join the Berserkers faction but, have made some harmful decision along the way. To complete this quest, players need positive opinions from three important Berserkers.

Offer 2000 Elexit to Ragnar, Cormag won’t need much persuasion, and Angrim will help you if you agree to return the favor.

Bad Debts
It is one of the sub missions of the main Berserker mission ‘The law of the Berserker’. You will have to help Omir by killing an outlaw before he acts.

Forbidden Technology
The technology found in the Pit doesn’t belong to the foreign hands and hence must be retrieved.

The Big Mouth
The in game description of this quest says:

“I overheard a guy named Stormson. He seems to be worried about the Berserkers conflict with the Clerics”.

A Special Piece
You will have to retrieve a special antique sword from Ragnar’s possession and then bring it back to Alrik.

False Teachings
Angrim believes that there is a Cleric somewhere in the Goliet and hence you need to find the Cleric for him.

Mutant Attack
You need to drive off the jackals from the Seedling farm and assist Orik and his cultivators.

Lost Guns and Dead Men
a group of Clerics fell victim to mutants. You have to look for their equipment and take it to Jora at the Pit.

There are three tasks in this mission by the names ‘Dangerous Goods’, ‘Reunions are a happy occasion’, and ‘Among False Friends’.

Searching for Clues
Your will have to locate a group of Albs that attacked Hakon’s soldiers for the Hakon. There are two tasks in the quests: ‘The Negotiator’ and ‘Albs are Albs’.

The Messenger of Death
In game description of the quest says that ‘A berserker’s death is not well received in Goliet’.

Alrik, Akira, Eldur, Omir, Hakon, Oran, Sinda, Bom and Caldrim, all have to be killed in this quest.

Pleased Caldrim
You will have to please Caldrim by doing what he desire.

That is all for our Elex Berserkers Faction Quest ‘Allies from the Middle Ages’ Guide with tips on all the tasks that players will need to complete to be part of the Berserkers Faction.

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