ELEX Berserkers Faction Guide

In this ELEX Berserkers Guide, we will guide you on everything there is about the Berserkers faction. In ELEX, there are a number of factions that you can join and Berserkers are one of them.

We have tried to include everything that you must know about Berserkers such as joining them, learning skills and how to rank up in them. With the help of this Berserkers Guide, you can easily join the Berserkers and reach their highest rank of Warrior.

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ELEX Berserkers Guide

Berserkers are located in Edan so you need to head to Edan and talk with Ragnar who is your key to becoming a Berserker.

What you really need to do here is that you need to make a good reputation with different people around Edan to earn their trust. Ragnar is your first person of contact here so start with pleasing him.

He will give you some quests and a special quest, which you must complete in order to become a berserker.

Once you are done with these quests, start exploring the city, meet other people, and do as many quests as possible. You also want to make sure that Ragnar’s wife is also on your side. You will get an option during a certain quest so make sure you earn her trust as well.

Take as many quests from people as possible and try to complete them, as they want you to earn their respect.

In return, they will give their word to Ragnar about you and your chances of joining the Berserkers will increase. Ragnar will keep track of all your quests whether you have completed them or not and how well you have performed during that specific quest.

Along with the normal people, the two clan chiefs located there also give you some tasks so make sure you are completing them all.

Clan Chiefs have certain unique requirements as well that you will be required to complete them as well. There is also a hidden quest during the stolen Ragnar’s Sword quest.

So when simply put, you need to complete as many quests as possible and you need to complete them according to the people’s liking.

This way your reputation will increase and good word will reach Ragnar about you.

At different points throughout the quest, you can ask Ragnar about your progress on joining the faction. He’ll give you one of the following three answers:

  1. You have done enough and are welcome to the faction as a cultivator. At this point you can start leveling up through the ranks of the faction.
  2. You have not done enough and need to keep on going.
  3. You have done enough, but some of your decisions in the quests have hurt Berserker interests. You will not be allowed to join the faction,and all traders will be forbidden to trade with you

If you have been denied entry into the faction, you have one chance to fix your wrongs, and you’ll be provided with the Making Things Right quest. Here you will need to to three tasks to patch things up with the Berserker superiors.

  1. Ragnar will need you to pay him 2000 Elexits, giving 100 XP.
  2. Cormag will agree to help without anything in return, giving 100XP.
  3. Angrim will help if you agree to return the favor along the way, also giving 100XP

Complete the last mission Ragnar gives you, which requires checking the status of outposts along with the special task, which involves scouting other cities at the end, and you will be ready to join the Berserkers.

As you join them, you will be given Cultivator Armor, 1 Berserker Skill Point and a Magic Fist (chose from fire, ice or poison).

How to Rank Up Berserkers

You join Berserkers as the lowest rank possible and that rank is literally a cultivator. A cultivator is someone who looks after plants. Your next step is to rank up in the Berserkers. Your goal is the rank of a warrior. For that, you will be required to work hard, however.

As you join the berserker, you get instant access to the faction exclusive gear and skills. However, as you go up the ranks, you unlock more and better gear and skills. You can learn these Berserker exclusive skills from Caldrim.

To become the warrior, you will be required to complete further specialized quests that Ragnar, Cormag, and Angrim give you.

You need to earn their pledges and their way of testing you are through these quests. Make sure that you are completing the quests according to their demands. Otherwise, they will not give you their pledges and you will not be able to reach the rank of warrior.

You also need to reach Level 15. It is hard to miss because as you complete quests, you will eventually reach Level 15 easily.

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