ELEX Abessa Side Quests Guide – Locked Out, Helping Hand, A Strange Mechanism

ELEX has a massive open world that contains a large number of activities including side quests. Side quests are divided into different regions and are going to offer rewards, loot, and opportunities for leveling up. The following ELEX Abessa Side Quests Guide features all the details you need to know in order to complete different side quests.

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ELEX Side Quests Guide

ELEX Abessa Side Quests

ELEX Abessa Side Quests – Locked Out

The side quests will give you complete access to the Domed City; Speak with Gregor at the entrance of the City to Trigger the quest.

The only way to enter the city is to get an ID card so speak with Hunter at the camp near the Domed City. He’ll explain to you that you need a counterfeit card.

Go to the North side of the camp and find wick you can help you in this regard. Go to the to top of the hill and find Hunter’s hut where you will find Wick’s body. His corpse contains an ID card.

Head back to Hunter and hear his plans for entering the city. Head over to Gregor and show him the card to enter the city or tell him how you got the card and explain the process of counterfeits. As a reward, he will give you a real card.

ELEX Abessa Side Quests – Helping Hand

You need to deal with a problem with some members of the Outlaws. They are in a camp near the city; speak with Gustav near the entrance of the city to trigger the quest.

Speak with Hunter and your first option is going to be attacking the Outlaws. You can deal with them and come back to Gustav to complete the quest.

You can also agree with Hunter’s plan and kill Gustav to complete the quest.

ELEX Abessa Side Quests – A Strange Mechanism

Completing quest is going to give you access to an underground cult called the Claws. They can offer you more side quests when you speak with them. Talk to Vito in Domed City to trigger the quest.

Vito will give you a Strange Key which can be used to solve a puzzle. Take this key and head west in the city. In a wall, you will find a loose brick with a lock inside. Use the key to unlock it and a hatch will open leading to the sewers.

Head in the Sewer where you will find the hideout of the Claws. Speak with the man at the entrance and tell him that you solved the puzzle with the key obtained from Vito.

Note: The quest seems to be bugged so Vito may not offer this quest at all to you.

ELEX Abessa Side Quests – The Abessa Dispute

The quest is found in the Domed City but only after you complete all of the major side quests in the city. You’ll probably have to wait days before the quest is added to your journal.

ELEX Abessa Side Quests – A Bounty Hunter

You need to search for audio logs of the bounty hunter. The quest can only be unlocked once you find at least one of the logs.

Go to the Edan Area and in one of the camps located east of the Camp in the Center, you will find one audio log. Use the jetpack to access the upper floor and find the log on a desk.

Another log is inside the hut with defective ELEX weapons in Goliet. Take it at night to avoid being branded a thief.

Another one is in The Fort in the Outlaws HQ. Head over to Clair’s bar to find the log on a table near the entrance.

The last audio log is inside The Hort, in the Building with Balder’s Office. Find a small storage space guarded by a robot.

This is all we have in our ELEX Abessa Side Quests Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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