Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cities and Famous Locations

The Map that is going to be home to all the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim fans, is now available for viewing, while places, with notable significance, have also been broken up into parts. Skyrim is a Nordic land, which means it features plenty of water channels and has a lot of mountainous regions. This region is then broken up into five major cities, while some sub-villages are also available. We have compiled a list of all the famous locations and cities you will come across when traveling through Skyrim.

Skyrim Cities and Famous Locations

Here is a breakdown of the various locations:

This is more of a garrison, which is situated near the northern part of the map. It also played host to one of the bloodiest battles in the Tamriel history and has since been regarded as an area of grave danger.

Beitild’s House
The house is located in the city of Dawnstar in The Pale, between Silus Vesuius’s House and The Mortar and Pestle shop.

Brina’s House
A private home, located to the right of the Mortar and Pestle, left of Leigelf’s House, and west of Irgnir’s House.

Dawnstar Barracks
A building that serves as the base for the Dawnstar Guard.

Fruki’s House
A home situated adjacent to the Quicksilver Mine.

Irgnir’s House
The house is located in Dawnstar, under the residence of Irgnir.

Iron-Breaker Mine
A mine located adjacent to the White Hall.

Leigelf’s House
The house is the property of the owner of Quicksilver Mine, Leigelf.

Quicksilver Mine
The mine is located in the western part of the town near the water and the dock.

Rustleif’s House
The house is the residence for Rustleif and his wife, Seren.

Silus Vesuius’s House
The home is located at the very end on the right side of the city.

The Mortar and Pestle
An apothecary shop, run by Frida, wife of the alchemist who previously ran the shop.

The White Hall
The seat of power is the residence of Jarl Skald the Elder.

Windpeak Inn
Windpeak Inn is the local inn of the city.

Situated near the southern part of the map, this town helps form the borders of Cyridill and Hammerfell. However, what is notable is that at one point, Falkreath was a part of Cyridiil.

Bilegulch Mine
Located southwest of Fort Sungard in the Falkreath Hold.

Corpselight Farm
A farm found in the city.

Dead Man’s Drink
It is a tavern found in Falkreath

Deadwood Lumber Mill
A local lumbermill, lies just north of Dengeir’s House along the river.

Dengeir’s House
A house in Falkreath which is the home of Dengeir of Stuhn.

Falkreath Barracks
The Barracks are made up out of two levels. The first level of the barracks is for the soldiers of Falkreath.

Falkreath Graveyard
It is a local graveyard encroaches into the town and is large compared to the population.

Falkreath Jail
City’s jail located inside the Falkreath Barracks.

Grave Concoctions
An alchemist shop owned by Zaria, a Redguard who was drawn to Falkreath by its ancient graveyard.

Gray Pine Goods
A general goods shop owned by Solaf.

Hall of the Dead
A small house found by the Falkreath Graveyard.

Jarl’s Longhouse
A longhouse which serves as the seat of power in the Falkreath Hold, and is the residence of Jarl Siddgeir.

Lod’s House
It is the home of Lod, the blacksmith in town.

Markarth Side
Situated in the west of the map, this city is known for its college of the voice. The main purpose of the college is to help bring back the use of Nordic voice, in warfare.

Abandoned House
An uninhabited and empty home which the Vigilants of Stendarr believe is being used for Daedra worship.

Arnleif and Sons Trading Company
The General Goods Store, owned by Lisbet.

Calcelmo’s Laboratory
Laboratory is found within the Dwemer Museum in Markarth.

Cidhna Mine
A prison, run by the Silver-Blood Family who use prisoners to mine the silver ore inside.

Dwemer Museum
The museum is located within Understone Keep in Markarth, off to the right of the entrance with one guard standing by the door.

Endon’s House
A small private residence in Markarth which is the home of Endon and Kerah, who work as silversmiths.

Hall of the Dead
A mausoleum which connects directly to the Jarl’s palace, Understone Keep, and can be accessed from either the palace or the city.

Markarth Guard Tower
A dwarven tower that sits atop a central rock spur. It is now used as a barracks and lookout tower for the soldiers who are patroling Markarth.

Markarth Lumber Mill and Forge
A building located in the city of Markarth.

A Dwemer Ruin which is access to the ruins is through Understone Keep and the Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site.

Nepos’ House
A home located in north Markarth, next door to Vlindrel Hall. The residence belongs to the wealthy citizen of the city, Nepos the Nose.

Ogmund’s House
Ogmund’s House is a small house located in Markarth.

Silver-Blood Inn
An inn located in the city of Markarth, right inside the city gates.

Smelter Overseer’s House
The dwelling of Mulush gro-Shugurz, located near the smelter. It is marked with the loot shadowmark outside the door.

Temple of Dibella
A structure atop a crag in the city of Markarth.

The Hag’s Cure
An alchemical store, owned and operated by Bothela, along with her assistant, Muiri.

The Warrens
This is an area of Markarth set aside for the poor and sick.

Treasury House
A building owned by the Silver-Bloods and is one of the points of interest in the city of Markarth.

Understone Keep
The palace in which Jarl Igmund resides.

Vlindrel Hall
A purchasable property built in the Dwemer architectural style with a large golden door leading into the cliffside.

Located in the south-east of the map, this city forms the border with Cyrodill and Morrowind. It also plays host to the thieves’ guild, which also has Barenziah as an active member of the guild.

Aerin’s House
A house that belongs to Aerin and Mjoll the Lioness. It is next to Bolli’s house, near the gate leading out of Riften to the Riften stables

Beggar’s Row
A small area connected to the sewer tunnels in Riften. The place is kept for the poor and homeless.

Black-Briar Manor
The place is a manor, located in the Riften.

Black-Briar Meadery
It is a brewery and shop owned and operated by the Black-Briar family for generations.

Bolli’s House
A three-floor structure which is one of the more impressive houses in Riften, which speaks to Bolli’s station.

Elgrim’s Elixirs
An Alchemy shop in Riften that is operated by Elgrim and his wife Hafjorg, located on the western end of the channel in Riften on the lower level.

Haelga’s Bunkhouse
An inn in Riften, run by Haelga.

Hall of the Dead
It is located directly below the Temple of Mara and is accessible from the city or via the cellar of the Temple of Mara.

A moderate-sized house located in the city of Riften.

Honorhall Orphanage
A home for children in Skyrim whose parents have either died or abandoned them.

Marise Aravel’s House
It is a hovel on the water level where Marise Aravel lives.

Mistveil Keep
The seat of power in Riften. This stone keep is where Jarl Laila Law-Giver lives and rules, and where the city’s jail and barracks are located.

Riften Fishery
A business structure that is located just outside Riften with access through the western exit to Skyrim.

Riften Jail
It’s a prison found to the right of Mistveil Keep.

Riften Marketplace
It is the central area of Riften.

Romlyn Dreth’s House
The home of Romlyn Dreth, a meadery worker in Riften.

Snow-Shod Manor
A three-floor wooden structure house which belongs to Clan Snow-Shod.

The Bee and Barb
The inn is owned by Talen-Jei and Keerava.

The Pawned Prawn
A general store owned by Bersi Honey-Hand and his wife Drifa.

The Ragged Flagon
A tavern located in the Ratways underneath the city of Riften.

The Ragged Flagon – Cistern
This location is found when you go through a rigged cupboard in The Ragged Flagon, just before the entrance leading to The Ratway Vaults.

The Ratway
An underground tunnel system beneath the city of Riften.

The Ratway Vaults
A small, three-tier set of sewer-like tunnels accessed via The Ragged Flagon in Riften.

It is a small city in Skyrim which is located in the dense marshes of Hjaalmarch. The city is named after the great Atmoran hero Morihaus. It lies deep in the marsh, an area of Hjaalmarch isolated from other villages and is mostly covered by a constant and forbidding fog.

Alva’s House
A house located in Morthal which is the home of Alva and Hroggar.

Falion’s House
A house found on the east side of Morthal.

Guardhouse is the headquarters of the Hold Guards for Hjaalmarch.

Highmoon Hall
A large building which comes under the residence of the Jarl of Morthal.

Hroggar’s House
It is a burned-out house in Morthal.

Jorgen and Lami’s House
Home of Jorgen and Lami who are rarely found at home.

Moorside Inn
An inn and tavern located in Morthal.

Morthal Cemetery
A small cemetery just behind the burnt house owned by Hroggar.

Thaumaturgist’s Hut
An Alchemy shop located in Morthal, owned by Lami, a resident of the town of Morthal.

Thonnir’s House
A house where the Nord Thonnir lives with his son, Virkmund.

Situated in the east of the map, this is the place where Barenziah went on to escape from, with her lover. It was also called the Imperial City. However, after the chaos of recent years, it has lost that title.

Amren’s House
It is the home of Amren, his wife Saffir, and their daughter, Braith.

Arcadia’s Cauldron
An alchemy shop in the Plains District of the city of Whiterun in Whiterun Hold.

The Bannered Mare
Most popular gathering place functions as a tavern and inn that offers mead, food and a warm, welcoming fire.

Belethor’s General Goods
A merchant’s shop located in the Plains District of Whiterun. It can be found in the Whiterun Marketplace, next to Arcadia’s Cauldron.

Carlotta Valentia’s House
A home located in Whiterun. Carlotta Valentia lives in this house with her young daughter, Mila.

The location constructed in the ornate wooden style of the great Nord longhouses of ancient days.

The Drunken Huntsman
A tavern and hunting shop specializing in archery located in the Plains District of Whiterun.

A tree that stands in the center of Whiterun, near the Temple of Kynareth.

Heimskr’s House
A house in Whiterun and the home of Heimskr, a priest of Talos.

House of Clan Battle-Born
This large house holds three generations of the equally large Clan Battle-Born.

Severio Pelagia’s House
Severio Pelagia has a house above the market.

An ancient forge located next to Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.

Temple of Kynareth
A temple to Kynareth that is located in Whiterun.

A weapons and armor smithy and shop in the Plains District of Whiterun, found near the main city gate, across from the Drunken Huntsman.

Ysolda’s House
A home found in the Plains District of Whiterun owned by Ysolda.

This City is one of the wealthiest ones in the game and is also highly influential over the rest of Skyrim. It follows the ideology of Dummer and has the Ysmir Collective and the well-known college of Winterhold.

Birna’s Oddments
A trading shop in Winterhold.

College of Winterhold
A guild of mages centered in Skyrim.

Jarl’s Longhouse
It serves as the seat of power in the Winterhold Hold and is the residence of Jarl Korir, his wife, and his son.

Kraldar’s House
This house is in the possession of Kraldar, who refuses to give it up.

The Frozen Hearth
It’s an inn that serves as the sole place petitioners to the College may stay.

Located in the north-west of Skyrim, this City is the main hub for ships and is the mother of all docks. It has many markets and even has the Bards’ College in it. Graduates from the university are almost guaranteed a job in noble households and courts.

Addvar’s House
A home owned by Addvar found in Solitude.

Angeline’s Aromatics
An alchemical shop located in Solitude.

Bits and Pieces
A general store run by Sayma. It is found next to Radiant Raiment.

Bryling’s House
A house in Solitude and is the home of Bryling, a Thane of Solitude.

Castle Dour
An Imperial Legion outpost in Solitude during the Civil War.

Evette San’s House
The house is located between Jala’s House and Addvar’s House. The home belongs to Evette San, the Spiced Wine seller.

A store in Solitude that primarily sells bows and arrows and is owned by Fihada with his apprentice Jawanan.

Jala’s House
A home inhabited by Ahtar and Jala.

Moon and Nausea
A tavern in Solitude during 3E 110. By the time of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, the tavern is no longer there.

Radiant Raiment
A clothing store located near the main gate of Solitude.

Temple of the Divines
The main temple of Skyrim, located in Solitude.

The Winking Skeever
An Inn located in Solitude. It’s owned by an Imperial named Corpulus Vinius.

Located in the north east of Skryim, Windhelm was once a capital, during the age of the first empire. Now the City is only known for its size, while it also helps serve as a hub for Imperial troops, who guard the Dummeth Pass into Morrowind.

Aretino Residence
A house in the city of Windhelm.

Argonian Assemblage
A collective residence in Windhelm, located off the docks of Windhelm, the Argonian people are segregated to this location.

Belyn Hlaalu’s House
The house of Belyn Hlaalu, owner of the Hlaalu Farm, which is located in the Gray Quarter, just south-east of the city walls of Windhelm.

Brunwulf Free-Winter’s House
A house where Brunwulf Free-Winter resides before he becomes Jarl of Windhelm or if the Dragonborn chooses to not join the Imperial Legion.

Candlehearth Hall
The inn is the first building seen upon entering Windhelm.

Clan Shatter-Shield Office
A small office building just outside Windhelm, on the Windhelm Docks, where Clan Shatter-Shield runs the business of their shipping operation.

Gray Quarter
A district of the city Windhelm. It is home to all the city’s Dark Elves.

A purchasable home located in the Valunstrad quarter of Windhelm.

House of Clan Shatter-Shield
The home of Clan Shatter-Shield, comprised of Torbjorn, Tova, and Nilsine Shatter-Shield.

Niranye’s House
The home of Niranye located in Windhelm.

Palace of the Kings
The palace of Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak found in Windhelm, this palace serves as the headquarters for both the Jarl of Eastmarch and the Stormcloak Rebellion.

Temple of Talos
A temple that can be found in the city of Windhelm.

Viola Giordano’s House
A house in Windhelm that is owned by Viola Giordano.

Windhelm Marketplace
The local marketplace in Windhelm which consists of a group of stalls and shops close to the Blacksmith Quarters and The White Phial.

These are all the cities and the famous locations that you’ll find the respective cities. The locations might have quests for you to do or some exploration that will help you through the game.

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