Elder Scrolls Online Dev Working On An “Exciting New” MMO IP

ZeniMax Online is the developer behind the widely popular Elder Scrolls Online. Now, the Elder Scrolls Online dev is staffing up its studio to work on an exciting new IP.

The Elder Scrolls Online dev has posted a job listing for its studio. The listing reveals that the studio is looking for a Core Tech Programmer.

The candidate should have experience in MMO development. This suggests that the Elder Scrolls Online dev is working on a new MMO for the console. The MMO could be similar to Destiny or Elder Scrolls Online itself.

It is unknown what this new IP is as the listing doesn’t reveal anything else. However, it will be interesting to see what the studio brings following the success of Elder Scrolls Online.

Speaking of the Elder Scrolls, Bethesda announced Elder Scrolls 6 at its E3 2018 conference. However, the studio revealed nothing but a small CGI teaser trailer.

Furthermore, Bethesda has noted that it will be a long wait before any more info is released for Elder Scrolls 6. While it is disappointing but, it makes sense since Bethesda will release Starfield before Elder Scrolls 6.

The lack of any info regarding Elder Scrolls 6 has lead fans to believe that Bethesda is just buying time. However, the studio noted that the development has started and the team has already decided the region.

This is not the only Elder Scrolls games in development as Bethesda is working on Elder Scrolls Blades. According to the studio, the player choice is the only priority with the game.

According to Hines, the Elder Scrolls Blades will come with “console-quality graphics”. Not only that, the team is hard at work to “create all of that content that makes for a deep, rich Elder Scrolls experience”.

Furthermore, the game will feature an invasion-like mechanic. Furthermore, this feature will allow players to visit towns of other players and see how they are rebuilding it.

Not only that, Hines also explained “Abyss Mode” which is actually an endless dungeon mode. Players can play this mode to see how far their character can survive.

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