How To Get Elden Stars Incantation In Elden Ring

You can find Elden Stars incantation in Deeproot Depths region. We have this guide to tell you where exactly you can find this.

There are many magical spells in Elden Rings, and each is split into different groups. Elden Stars is an example of Erdtree incantation that deals damage and creates an opportunity for a critical strike. This guide will help you with how to get Elden Stars and which builds use this incantation. 

Elden Stars Location in Elden Ring

As you can see from the map image above, Elden stars are in the Deeproot Depths region. There are two ways to get to the Deeproot region. One is through a teleporter, and the other is by resting on a coffin.

However, you will have to kill an optional boss (Valiant Gargoyle) in Siofra River to use a coffin. Once it is defeated, you can use the coffin to get to the Deeproot region. As the location of incantation is near Great Waterfall Crest (Site of Grace), use it to save traveling time. Once you are there, head straight to the roots and climb on them. 

You can use Torrent the Spirit Seed as a mount to get to the location quickly. When you are one of the Roots, jump on other roots to get to the Root marked in the image above. Keep walking on the Root until you see another Root on your right.

Jump down on that Root and head into the cave. In the cave, you will come across many massive ants. You have to kill them because ignoring these many ants is impossible. Once these ants are defeated, walk straight to obtain the Elden Stars on the corpse by the exit.

How Good is Elden Stars Incantation?

By using Elden Stars spell, you can shoot two types of projectiles: slow-moving and rapid-moving small.

These small projectiles are large in number and will track the enemy’s location. However, they do less damage. Although the large ones are slow, they can explode if they collide with a foe and deal heavy damage.

The best part about using this sorcery is that you can do other activities while the spell is working. It works effectively against tougher opponents. However, you must have 50 Faith to use this Spell.

The Elden Stars have a Focus point cost of 41 and a stamina cost of 48. Moreover, these Stars require two slots, so check your available slots before starting your journey to Deeproots.

The best build that requires the Elden Stars is Holy Bow Build. This Build has Faith as the primary stat that works best with this incantation.

Along with other Erdtree spells like Golden Vow, Blessing of Erdtree, and Protection of Erdtree; Elden Stars works best.

Other builds that work well with Elden Stars are Golden Sword Sage Build and Crusader Build.

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