Elden Ring Has A Hidden Sorting Option For Inventory Management

Elden Ring does indeed feature a sorting option with multiple sorting filters to make inventory management easier and efficient. For unknown reasons though, developer FromSoftware chose to hide that inventory sorting option from the main user interface, but which can by simply accessed through a single tap.

When players are rummaging through their inventories, they can tap L3/LS on their PlayStation/Xbox controllers (via Reddit) to access the sorting option in Elden Ring. These are the left analogue sticks on both controllers and for further clarification, players can simply head into the controller settings of the game to see which button is bound to the sorting option.

When sorting, players can choose from multiple filters to quickly find the right weapon or equipment. The first filtering option will sort all items in an inventory by their acquisition. Hence, removing the painstaking and frustrating process of searching for a newly looted item by going through dozens of unneeded items.

The filters will also sort by their weight, attack power, guarded damage negation, and more; depending on the preference of players themselves.

Knowing about the hidden sorting option will be a relief for players out there as most of them were under the belief that FromSoftware had purposely left out the option from the game. Elden Ring does allow players to organize their inventories and hopefully, the developer will be adding the sorting option to the main user interface in a future quality-of-life update.

Remember that not all items need to be personally carried in the game. Any weapons or pieces of armor, for example, which players do not need at the moment can be stored in their chest. The chest can then be accessed from any Site of Grace.

Earlier today, Elden Ring achieved the sixth highest all-time peak player-count for any game ever in the history of Steam. The game is now also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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