How To Get Rotten Duelist Set In Elden Ring

The Rotten Duelist set is a late-game armor set in Elden Ring. This is because you have to access the secret area Consecrated Snowfield.

There are several roaming enemies like Rotten Duelists that drop unique loot upon death. In this case, defeating and looting Rotten Duelists in Elden Ring will let you get their Rotten Duelist armor set.

The Rotten Duelist set is a late-game armor set in Elden Ring. This is because you have to access the secret area known as the Consecrated Snowfield which you will not reach until the latter parts of the game.

The Rotten Duelist armor set gives you excellent resistance against poison and rot attacks. Additionally, you get a massive increase in your defenses against physical attacks and magic spells

Rotten Duelist armor set location in Elden Ring

Rotten Duelist armor locations in Elden Ring

To get the complete set of Rotten Duelist armor, you must travel toward the snowy area of Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring. This area is located on the Mountaintops of the Giants, and you can only access it after gathering the Haligtree Secret Medallion and using it in the Grand Lift of Rold.

The Rotten Duelist set is split into three armor pieces. All three set-piece locations are nearby, so you can get them in a single run. Take note though that each Rotten Duelist armor location has an elite enemy you need to defeat, so come prepared.

Rotten Duelist Greaves

This piece of armor protects your legs. You get great damage negation against the Slash attacks, so if you are facing any foes that lie on slash attacks, then acquire this piece of armor to improve your combat potential.

To obtain Rotten Duelist Greaves, you must move toward the Liturgical Town. From the town, head north, and you will find your enemy standing in the frozen wasteland.

You can even stab the enemy from behind if you have high stealth stats. However, the fight is going to be easy, and you will gain the Rotten Greataxe along with the much-needed Rotten Duelist Greaves in Elden Ring.

Rotten Duelist Helm

The Rotten Duelist headpiece helps mitigate damage taken from slash attacks in Elden Ring.

You need to make your way to the western part of Consecrated Snowfield where you will come across a Rotten Duelist near a small cemetery.

A way to cut this fight short is to use your Tarnished skill. Use the coffins for your special attacks, or use whatever other attacks you have to defeat him and loot the Rotten Duelist Helm as well as the Rotten Battle Hammer in Elden Ring.

Rotten Gracekeeper Clock

The last piece of the set is the toughest to get in Elden Ring. You need to travel from the first site of the snowy area’s grace toward the map’s northeast side. Ensure you move to close the cliff walls and enter through the tomb entrance to compete with the boss that rules this dungeon.

You must defeat the boss to get the Cloak and complete your Rotten Duelist armor set.

This armor set is excellent as it dramatically boosts your defenses against magic attacks. So you can use this piece against the foes who use Light or other attacks in Elden Ring.

Rotten Duelist armor set stats

You get a substantial boost in your defensive stats by acquiring this armor set. Here is the amount of damage you can reduce from each type of enemy attack in Elden Ring.

Rotten Duelist ArmorStrikeSlashPierceFireLightHoly
Rotten Duelist Helm4.
Rotten Duelist Greaves6.
Rotten Gravekeeper Cloak6.

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