Elden Ring Mod Adds Ray Tracing

Elden Ring has been promised support for ray tracing by developer FromSoftware, but players unable to wait any longer can go ahead to enable ray-traced graphics right now thanks to the modding community.

Elden Ring 2” is a new mod which not only adds ray tracing to the game but also improves the overall graphics. The new ReShade introduces “more details, more ambient occlusion, better reflections, better shadows, optional ray tracing” and more, according to its description.

The mod particularly aims to make Elden Ring “a little bit somber and more grim” while “staying true to the original style.” The resulting enhancements from ray tracing speak for themselves once players notice their armor textures popping in the sunlight, crisper reflections in the water, deeper and more realistic shadows, more lifelike skin shades, and livelier environments in general.

The modding community has been pretty busy since Elden Ring came out a couple of weeks back. If players feel the game should have a specific feature or option, there is a mod to correct that right now.

A mod to pause the game was rolled out in the first few days of release, allowing players to actually pause at any given point, even during boss fights, but without access to online components such as cooperative play, invasion, and messages.

Elden Ring has been a massive success. Despite being a Souls game, newcomers are embracing the hype in the millions to see how well they match against the signature brutal gameplay of the franchise. While official sales numbers have not been released, the game has reportedly sold millions within the first few days of release.

Elden Ring is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC.

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