How To Get Raptor’s Set In Elden Ring

This guide will show you where to find the Raptors' Set in Elden Ring which is a light-medium weight armor set.

Raptor’s Set is a lightweight armor set that provides a decent amount of protection to many classes in Elden Ring but works best particularly for the Bandit class and is acquired early in the game.

Adorned with black feathers and a black cloak, this set is said to have been worn by Ravenmount assassins that wished to turn into the Deathbird.

Due to its lightweight, the Raptor’s Armor Set negates Magic and Fire damage better than Physical damage. Besides the damage negation, this armor set’s chest piece also buffs the damage caused by jump attacks.

This is a four-piece armor set, and you already have two if you start the game as a Bandit build. Considering its cosmetic appeal, damage negation, and resistance, it is also a great addition to your armor collection. But before getting into its stats, players must know where to find all four items that complete this set.

Where to find the Raptor’s armor set in Elden Ring  

Much like every other armor set in Elden Ring, the Raptor’s Set also contains a head mask, chest armor, gauntlets, and boots. These four items are found in two different locations.

The Skeletal Mask and Raptor’s Black Feathers (chest armor) are hidden in a cave, while the Bandit Manchettes and Bandit Boots are bought from an NPC Merchant.

Skeletal Mask and Raptor’s Black Feathers

The Skeletal Mask and Raptor’s Black Feathers are found in a cave called Sage’s Cave located west of Altus Plateau in the cliffs, but to go there, you must have unlocked Altus Plateau.

Raptor's Mask and Black Feathers map location in Elden Ring

Altus Plateau can be reached using the Grand Lift of Dectus, which requires the Dectus Medallion, or by making your way through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice in Luirnia of the Lakes.

Once you have reached the Altus Plateau, go to the Erdtree Grazing Hill and keep going west till you reach an almost dry lake, and this is where you will see the opening to Sage’s Cave among the trees.

Enter Sage’s Cave, where you first unlock a Site of Grace and then destroy many illusionary walls found here. Along with these two pieces of the armor set, many other useful items are hidden in chests behind these secret walls, so keep an eye out for them.

Keep going down the path after destroying illusionary walls and taking down the enemies till you reach a waterfall inside the cave. Another illusionary wall is present left of this waterfall that you need to knock down to reveal the passage on the other side. This is where you will find two chests. Open them to find the Raptor’s Black Feathers in the first one and the Skeletal Mask in the other.

Bandit Manchettes and Bandit Boots

Bandit Manchettes and Bandit Boots are provided to Bandit build at the beginning of the game. However, if you have not opted for the Bandit class, you can still purchase these two items from an NPC to complete the armor set.

Bandit Manchettes and Bandit Boots map location in Elden Ring

These two pieces are obtained from Gatekeeper Gostoc, whom you first encounter in Stormveil Castle of Stormhill near its main entrance.  However, you can access his store only after acquiring the Rusty Key from a Banished Knight in the castle.

Gatekeeper Gostoc has only one Bandit Manchettes and Bandit Boots in stock and sells them for 1000 Runes each.

Raptor’s Set stats

The Raptor’s Armor Set weighs only 16.8 units in total, and due to its lightweight, the Damage Negation Stats are not quite impressive.

It has a Physical Damage Negation of 15.1, and for the Strike, Slash, and Pierce attacks, it offers increased protection along the stats of 16.6, 18.1, and 18.1, respectively.

It does a bit better regarding elemental damage negation with a stat of 19.4 against both Magic and Fire Damage. As for the Light and Holy damage negation has a value of 20.7 and 18.1, respectively.

Regarding the Resistance stats, this armor set does not perform as badly with a Focus and Vitality stat of 136 each. It also has 129 Immunity, 29 Poise, and 77 Robustness.

Apart from the Damage Negation and Resistance stats, this armor set also increases the damage dealt with jump attacks by 10% due to the Raptor’s Black Feathers chest armor.

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