Elden Ring PC Exploit Can Corrupt Your Save Files

In a game like Elden Ring, players being forced to start over from scratch because they lost their hard-earned progress would be a complete nightmare. That is exactly what has happened with a few unfortunate players in recent days.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, fan-run Elden Ring news account Mordecai revealed that some players are using either an exploit or a cheat on PC to corrupt the save files of players they invade.

The invaders are believed to be using a specific spell or weapon art to force the game to crash for the host. When the invaded players restart Elden Ring to jump back in, their characters will be constantly falling through the map to their deaths. They will have no choice but to create a new character for a new run.

The only chance players have is to open their maps and teleport themselves to a nearby Site of Grace in order to escape the infinite loop of death. However, they will have to smash their keys for a quick teleport because of the lack of time.

The said Elden Ring exploit should be hot-fixed as soon as possible because there is no telling how many players have already had their save files corrupted. Take note that developer FromSoftware is yet to officially acknowledge the exploit. It also remains unknown as to what exactly is triggering the game to crash and glitch.

Until the game is patched, PC players are strongly advised to either back up their save files or play offline. The latter not only stops invasions but also other multiplayer components such as cooperative play and messages.

Elden Ring was released last month to critical acclaim. The game has already sold more than 12 million copies across all platforms and is still going strong.

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