Elden Ring Patch 1.03.2 Fixes Nepheli Loux’s Bugged Questline

Elden Ring has received a new patch that makes another attempt to fix Nepheli Loux from preventing players to make further progress.

According to patch notes 1.03.2 from earlier today, a previously reported bug that was sometimes preventing players from advancing her questline has now been squashed in the game.

Nepheli Loux is a non-playable character in Elden Ring who has her own questline to pursue. Without going into spoilers, her questline branches between two directions depending on what choice players make.

The questline however was bugged from the start because players were able to only advance by choosing one of the two options. Choosing the other would do nothing, leaving Nepheli to repeat the same dialogues over and over again.

It should be noted that patch 1.03 fixed Nepheli Loux last week by adding “new quest phases” and linking other non-playable characters to the new quests. The questline was however still being problematic for some players and without an in-game quest log, players had to data-mine Elden Ring to confirm that there were still inaccessible parts of the quest.

Nepheli Loux is not alone. There are several more broken questlines in the game that players have begun to discover as of late. They should hopefully be fixed with upcoming patches.

Elsewhere, the new patch 1.03.2 has also fixed a bug that was preventing the Ash of War, Endure, from taking effect. That and another bug players were using to summon others to incorrect map coordinates.

The patch notes however make no mention of a recently discovered exploit that can corrupt your save files. It came to light a couple of days back that some invaders are using a specific spell or weapon art to force the game to crash for the host. When the invaded players restart Elden Ring to jump back in, their characters will be constantly falling through the map to their deaths. They will have no choice but to create a new character for a new run.

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