Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Walkthrough

Old Altus Tunnel is one of the many optional Minor Dungeons in the game. It can be found by going...

Old Altus Tunnel is one of the many optional Minor Dungeons in the game. It can be found by going to the Altus Plateau Region. The following Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel walkthrough will guide you about its location, how to pass through this tunnel, where to find treasure items and strategies for defeating the enemies within.

How to Get to Old Altus Tunnel in Elden Ring

First, the players need to reach Central Altus Plateau. From there, move towards the north from Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace. Next, you need to reach a deep gorge which is to the east of Wyndham Ruins. This deep gorge will turn towards the left at some point, and you will notice an Imp Seal at this point.

Imp Seal is placed on the entrance of the mining tunnel which you need to unlock. Use the Stonesword Key to unlock this seal and enter the tunnel. Get on the lift and ride down the tunnel to find Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Old Altus Tunnel Walkthrough

Once you move ahead from the Site of Grace, you will find a Stonedigger with a lantern and a Dog close to the wooden shack. Clear them and move towards the right side of Shack to collect Smithing Stone (5) and Cracked Crystals. Now, you will be entering the next section of the cave.

Players will now reach another tunnel when they will move around the wooden platform towards the right side of the next room and climb up the ladder placed at this point. Moving into the tunnel you will meet with some more Stonediggers and a Lyndell Soldier as well.

You will see a Shack towards your left with two Dogs and a bonus of Boltdrake Talisman+1 on a corpse. Towards the right side of Shack, you will see another corpse with Stanching Boluses.

Move up the slope towards the northwest and find deposits of Cracked Crystal and Smithing Stone (5) hanging at the backside of barrels place out there.

Move back and get out to jump down from the right side of the platform. You will now land on the wooden platform which is opposite the room you entered before. Moving deep into the room and reaching its end, you will find a Smithing Stone (5), two Stonediggers, and a corpse that will provide you with Golden Rune (6).

There will be a ladder here that you can use to climb down to the bottom floor. A Lyndell Soldier and Two Lyndell Knights will meet you on the bottom floor. You will also face two Dogs at the shack located towards the south along with a corpse that will offer you with Troll’s Hammer. The shack located towards the north carries Somber Smithing Stone (4).

There are two paths that you can take after heading forward from this point. One is the tunnel to the west and another one is the tunnel that is behind the northern shack.

If you move into the tunnel behind the northern shack, you will face two Dogs and a Stonedigger. Smithing Stone (5) and Somber Smithing Stone can also be found here by going towards the back wall.

If you move towards the West tunnel, a mist wall can be found towards the corner at the left.

How to defeat Stonedigger Troll Boss

This boss carries out its first attack by moving forward quickly and hitting the ground hard using his foot. This attack is followed up by a sweeping attack that you can dodge by moving towards the back of this boss and hitting him at the back.

The boss can also make use of his backhand to make a sweeping attack on you. It will first turn around and then attack you while he is facing you directly. Players can move backward to avoid this attack.

Players immediately need to roll forward if they find the boss turning around to see them attacking his back because he can immediately hit you with a downward slam by raising his club. The boss follows the above two attacks with a quick sweeping attack.

Another dangerous move of this boss is when he raises his club with two hands and then makes an explosion to throw a shockwave towards you. You need to be far away from the boss to avoid this attack otherwise it can make a huge amount of damage.

The boss can also position the club at the side of his head and attack you with an overhead slam while moving towards you. So, you need to roll through the legs of Troll timely to avoid this attack and the huge damage that results from this attack.

Players need to make sure that the boss faces the arena wall, as it will hit the wall while trying to implement the sweeping attack and he loses the balance.

This makes him move backward in a vulnerable position, so you can hit him easily taking advantage of this situation.

You need to be careful while hitting him at the back and make sure that you do not keep on hitting him for quite a long time, thus giving him the opportunity to attack you with a downward slam by turning back. Also, try to focus on one leg to enhance the amount of damage caused and bring him down in lesser time.

Defeating this boss will give you:

  • 9600 Runes
  • Great Club Hammer Weapon
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