Elden Ring Mod Finally Adds A Pause Option On PC

There is currently no way to pause in Elden Ring, at least not officially. Bringing up the in-game menu will not stop the open world from standing still and nearby enemies will continue to attack players unless they find a safe haven to take a breather. Thankfully though, a modder has come to the rescue.

“Pause the Game” is a new Elden Ring mod which can be downloaded right now to pause the game on PC at any given point with the press of a single key. The only catch is that players must disable Easy Anti-Cheat to make the mod work. Doing so will boot the game in an offline mode and hence, without its online components such as cooperative play, invasions, and messages.

The cost of not accessing online features will not appear much for players who are either pressed for time or need to pause Elden Ring just to read through online guides. The ability to pause also grants an opportunity to take some special screenshots during boss fights for example.

The mod is only for the PC version. Those playing on consoles however can still pause Elden Ring by suspending their PlayStation 5 consoles to go offline. The method is just a workaround but which should suffice.

The absence of a pause option should not be surprising since developer FromSoftware has never included a traditional pausing functionality in any of its previous Souls games. Hence, players should not expect an official pause button to be added to Elden Ring either.

Elden Ring has been out for nearly a week and has done well by racking up an impressive player-count on PC. The game could potentially soon achieve the sixth highest all-time peak player-count for any game on Steam in history.

Elden Ring is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC.

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