Elden Ring Mod Makes The Game “Extremely Difficult”

Elden Ring features a high difficulty ceiling just like previous Souls games. If players are however breezing through the game, they can always turn up the difficulty dial all the way into the red to make the Lands Between a living nightmare, thanks to the modding community.

Prepare to Die” is a new mod that makes Elden Ring “extremely difficult” to play let alone enjoy. The mod tweaks all enemies in the game to make them stronger by increasing their defensive, resistance, and damage stats.

Furthermore, enemies are not just only stronger, they are also smarter. The mod revamps enemies by improving their reactions. They will see and hear players from further away. Engaging a lonely enemy might cause nearby enemies to come in as reinforcements. Hence, making stealth an important skill for survival.

It should be noted that the Prepare to Die mod settings are mostly on par with the New Game+ mode. The difference is that players will be facing the modded increased difficulty during their normal run and with their normal-run equipment.

“Git gud at running and hiding because the enemies will chase you down much farther and longer than vanilla and will actively seek you out instead of giving up after 20 seconds,” reads the mod description.

Elden Ring has received a lot of useful mods since its release. There is a mod, for example, which allows players to enable ray tracing as well as overall improve graphics. There is also an all-important mod to pause the game at any given point, even during boss fights. There are then cosmetic mods for players to choose from, including new armor sets, weapons, mounts, etc.

Elden Ring is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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