Elden Ring’s New Healing Mechanic Encourages You To Leave Messages

Elden Ring encourages players to leave behind messages because of a hidden healing mechanic tied to the in-game rating system.

Like previous Souls games, players can leave behind messages in Elden Ring to either help or bait others during their progression. However, unlike previous Souls games, that social interaction system now features a new game mechanic.

Elden Ring allows players to rate messages they come across in the open world. The total appraisal rating can actually play a large part in the reader choosing to follow the directions of the message or not.

What will soon be an open secret is that appraising a message in Elden Ring will immediately heal the player who wrote it. The player could be fighting minions or bosses, or just roaming the environments; their health pool will be replenished as soon as one of their messages gets a good rating in real time. The only requirement is for the author of the message to be online.

The new Souls game hence encourages all players to leave behind messages because there is no telling when an appraisal can come handy. That being said, there is no need to start spamming messages at every turn. Elden Ring has a limit on how many times the healing mechanics work in a given time period. Leaving behind a hundred messages for purely heals will be for nothing.

In order to write a message in Elden Ring, simply open up the in-game menu and select the Messages tab. Take note that only the most helpful or creative messages will get the most appraisals. Advising players to take the western route instead of the eastern because of hidden boobytraps for example will likely achieve a good rating. That or convincing players to jump to their death because there is a treasure chest below the cliff.

Elden Ring is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC. The game saw an outstanding launch last week and continues to rake in players by the hordes.

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