How To Get Greatshield Talisman In Elden Ring

If you like to use shields to boost your defense, you will need to find the Greatshield Talisman in Elden Ring.

The Greatshield Talisman is one of the best talismans that you can get your hands on in Elden Ring. It is mainly because this talisman boosts your defensive (guarding) ability. This means that you can block enemy attacks more effectively using less stamina.

If you like to use shields or are going for a Strength build with the best Greatshield to boost your defense, you will need to find the Greatshield Talisman in Elden Ring.

Greatshield Talisman location in Elden Ring

To find the Greatshield Talisman in Elden Ring, you need to go to the Altus Plateau over by the Erdtree Grazing Hill area.

If you proceed south down the hill you will observe a large enemy camp. In that particular camp, there will be two caravans. We have marked the location of the camp on the map below.

Greatshield map location in Elden Ring

As you approach the campsite you will see a lot of enemies surrounding that area. There will be a wooden fence marking the boundary of the camp. If you look towards the right end of the fence you will spot a large black carriage that has a chest that contains the Greatshield Talisman.

Black Carriage with Greatshield Talisman chest location in Elden Ring

So all you need to do is move past the enemy guards, without engaging them. However, it is up to you whether you want to fight them or not, but the best course of action here would be to simply dodge their attacks and move along towards the right side of the fence near the carriage. Watch out for the enemy archers as well as they can often be frustrating to deal with as well.

The chest will be present on the backside of the carriage so once you get to it you can open the chest and acquire the Greatshield Talisman in Elden Ring.

Greatshield Talisman effects

The Greatshield Talisman is quite effective as it reduces the stamina damage you take by guarding against enemy attacks by 20 percent. So in short, the main purpose of using this talisman is to reduce the base stat “stamina” for your character while you guard against enemy attacks.

Lastly, the Greatshield talisman can be used effectively with consumable items such as Shield Grease. Moreover, this talisman can also be paired with sorcery(spells) such as Scholar’s Shield.

Keep in mind that once you use the Greatshield talisman with either of these two, it will benefit you massively by providing an increased  48 percent reduction to the stamina damage you lose while blocking enemy attacks in Elden Ring.   

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