Elden Ring Gets Another Day One Patch To Fix Frame Rate Drops

Elden Ring reportedly needs a lot more optimizations on PC compared to consoles to address a bad case of stuttering and frame rate drops.

According to patch 1.02 notes (version 1.02) shared earlier today, developer FromSoftware has rolled out more fixes to improve the frame rates of the game but only “under certain conditions.” The patch notes refrain from mentioning the exact conditions and if the frame rates have only been stabilized for a few particular areas in Elden Ring where the performance begins to dip.

The patch notes also mention improvements made to player controls, undetailed balance adjustments, among other fixes. The patch notes also include a reminder from FromSoftware that “timing for the implementation of ray tracing will be revealed in future announcements.”

This is not the first patch to address performance woes in the game. The previous day one patch (version 1.01) similarly improved “game performance and usability.”

There are still a few hours before Elden Ring becomes fully available across the globe. Hence, players will not have to wait long to confirm if their frame rates are healthy or not.

Based on the near-perfect early review scores though, FromSoftware has been able to perfect the Souls formula with Elden Ring. The new game has already been declared by critics to be one of the greatest games to be ever made, and particularly for Souls fans.

Elden Ring has often been described by its director Hidetaka Miyazaki as an open-world Dark Souls game. There will be multiple discreet areas to explore without any restrictions, but the main storyline can be completed in around 30 hours if players refrain from steering away from the main route. Those looking to explore though can expect to invest a lot more gameplay hours by the end.

Elden Ring will soon be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC.

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